• Red Bull's 'First Descent' Is High Quality But Low Engagement
    The realization came, as realizations tend to do, at a Billy Joel concert. It was Friday night around 10:20 p.m. and I found myself gently bobbing my head to the faux-Diddley backbeat of an aggressively inoffensive rendition of "Don't Ask Me Why." As I looked at the crowd around me, which was so demographically uniform as to make a typical Nantucket clambake look like a convocation of tribal leaders, the truth hit me like a hammer: I am old and lame, yet quite content in my oldness and lameosity. Did I unwittingly stumble upon a rite of passage? I was …
  • 'A Cleveland Anthem' Is The Cleveland Browns Of Brand Videos
    I beseech anyone thinking about spending a few days in/around "Barcelona on the Cuyahoga" to ignore the dickens out of "A Cleveland Anthem," the brand-video centerpiece of a new campaign that attempts to paint Cleveland as Austin, Ohio.
  • You Can't Do Brand Content Much Better Than Chipotle's 'Farmed And Dangerous'
    Judging by the ever-expanding number of franchises - within my immediate notice, anyway - I'm not alone in my love of all things Chipotle. That's why, after digesting (hoy-o!) the entirety of the funny, pointed and altogether enormously entertaining "Farmed and Dangerous" in a single 85-minute sitting, I'm wondering why the company won't relent with its freshness-first branding.
  • Who Is Behind The 'Belief' Video And The First-Ever Hoverboard Prototype?
    So you can imagine how I felt upon viewing "Belief," a clip in which HUVr displays a first-ever hoverboard prototype. Since its unveiling on Tuesday, it has racked up seven million YouTube views and 3,375,000 retweets, shattering the record set by a Dalai Lama selfie with the surviving members of Warrant. Despite the presence of C-plus-list celebrities (Tony Hawk, Moby, Terrell Owens) and production values that rival those of the finest industrial films, I immediately smelled a rat - not because hoverboards aren't real, but because the video seems specifically engineered to invite close inspection.