• Reader Request Day: "The Myth Of Orpheus And Eurydice"
    An unusually high number of y'all - several more than I can count on a single regulation-size thumb - believe that I should focus my imposing gaze and steely intellect (or is that my steely gaze and imposing intellect?) on the Gucci/Conde Nast collaboration "The Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice."
  • More Skewering, Smearing And Trash-Talking Of The Competition In Brand Video, Please
    Taken a step further, when did the notion of competitiveness, the sizing up and subsequent knocking down of the competition, become so distasteful to brand marketers? Is it because we-is-better-than-thems-is appeals doesn't work, or is it a manners thing?
  • A Call To Ban Mawkish, "Like"-Bait Father's Day Videos
    So who's going to win the 2016 Father's Day Awwwwwww!-Off? I present to you the three "best" candidates.
  • Optimum Busts A Move
    Anyway, my glee with Optimum after this year's renegotiation prompted me to check out "The Unmovers," the company's first true branded-content effort.
  • CVS's Long-Receipts Eulogy Rewrites History, Sort Of
    Overlong register receipts, a scourge which CVS boldly confronts in a pair of videos that debuted this week.