• Birbiglia, 'Don't Think Twice' Cast Deconstruct Viral Videos in 'Viral Video'
    As the proud owner of young children, I don't do anything ever. Among the few exceptions I've made to this "policy" was for the third of Mike Birbiglia's one-man shows, "Thank God For Jokes". The guy is funny as hell, but it's his subtlety and sway as a storyteller that elevate him above the twittering horde.
  • Philips' Elvis Act Not Ready For the Stage
    In today's brand video, a would-be Elvis impersonator achieves personal and physiological salvation with a big assist from his Philips Health Watch.
  • Budweiser/Jared Leto Venture Into 'Great Wide Open'
    Is this a first? In "Great Wide Open," a Budweiser-backed docu-series directed by Jared Leto, there are more sightings of Red Bull's logo than there are of Budweiser's. I counted.
  • Inspiring Olympic-Themed Inspiration Inspires Marketing
    The Olympics commence tonight, and you know what that means: It's time to get inspired by inspiration!