• New-2-U Video Critique Classiq: Father's Day 2014 Dad Vids
    I'm otherwise occupied this week, so for your reading pleasure and our sales department's commitment-keeping here's an oldie-but-okayie from the archives.
  • Airbnb's Home Videos Overplay The Family Card
    I pity mobile-era brands like Airbnb. Or maybe I should say that I pity the people tasked with marketing them.
  • ESPN Starts Having Fun Again With 'Outside the Lines' Send-Up, 'Different World' Homage
    You know who's having a cool, stealthily viral last few months? ESPN.
  • Walmart Brand Films? Sure, Why Not.
    Turns out that Walmart is feeling a little differently about itself nowadays. Based on my experience that night, there appears to be a push to upscale the brand a bit.
  • Diesel's 'Make Love Not Walls,' Deconstructed
    In "Make Love Not Walls," Diesel sics its skinny-jean army on the notion of walls. It is everything you'd imagine, and yet still more.