• 'Bevel Classics,' A Hair-Raising Tale
    In the days since my baldness doomsday clock recently began ticking, I haven't been able to stop noticing that many guys do stuff with their hair. They part it and tease it and goop it stupid. Which is why I viewed it as a sign from above when I happened upon "Bevel Classics," a new video series from Bevel, a maker of high-end groomingstuffs. Surely this would give me the guidance I'd need as I transition from one era of scalp-sistence to the next. It didn't, at least not in its first installment. But the series could well accomplish the …
  • Video-Makers, Stop Disobeying Laws Of Natural Order
    Maybe it's the pique or impertinence that comes with advancing age, but I'm having a harder time digesting content in which the laws of natural order are treated as a mere inconvenience. As an example, consider the piece of programming I happened upon just the other morning.
  • Three Content Marketing Campaigns Gone Bad
    In the clip force-fed to me, Pandora Pulse "gets real" with SXSW marketing dignitaries about selling to Millennials. Much in the same manner that 30-something guidance counselors lay hard truths on high-schoolers trending towards truancy, PP shares advice like, "If you can't personalize, at best you'll be ignored and at worst [Millennials] will hate you and they'll tell their friends they hate you."