• Coca-Cola's Anti-Bullying Salvo Beats The Alternative, I Guess
    As I understand it, many schools no longer permit the sale of soda in cafeterias or vending machines. Is that right? If so, Coca-Cola's new brand video, in which it partners with DoSomething.org for an anti-bullying hackathon of some sort, makes a bit more sense.
  • Please Send Back To The Future Back To The Past, Please
    You can imagine how I feel about the rampaging, levee-overwhelming torrent of Back to the Future nostalgia that culminated in Wednesday's celebration of the day to which Marty and Doc time-traveled in BTTF Part II. Did brands sense an opportunity for synergistic leverageization with this faux milestone? They sure did.
  • REI Reaches Rare Peak With 'Frank And The Tower'
    Frank Sanders is the subject of the REI-backed "Frank and the Tower." The 12-minute-long film, which debuted this week, details Sanders' years spent in the shadow and on the serrated ridges of Wyoming's Devils Tower.
  • State Of The Sellout 2015, Dylan Edition
    Celebrity sells (or so read the headline of today's DUH Daily) and attention-craving brands are more desperate than ever to sidle up to any personality who can give them a by-association sheen. Celebrities themselves, knowing the benefits that come with appearing in A-grade brand content (both material ones and "gosh, he/she is SO game!!!"), appear quite eager to play ball. It seems that everybody is on the same page here.
  • Sports Illustrated/WebMD 'Comeback' Debut Is A Dud
    I am incapable of shaking the habit of reading "Sports Illustrated" every week. I admire that SI continues to push back against the prevailing media headwinds -- and quite enjoy its online "The MMQB" offshoot and sports-media wonkery -- but it's impossible for a weekly publication to feel like anything other than a relic when it finally arrives. Way to up the convenience and timeliness ante, Internet.