• H&M's Katy Perry Holiday Vid Redefines The Notion Of 'Subtlety'
    It's Thanksgiving week, welcoming the launch of H&M's Katy Perry holiday video: "From the Makers of Happy & Merry H&M Presents Katy Perry."
  • Angel Soft's Emotional Appeal Can't Transcend Product Category
    Angel Soft popped into my Twitter feed, promo-tweeting news of its most recent brand video. The clip, "Grander Parents," is quite odd, not so much in execution as in approach.
  • Larry's La La La Like-a-Thon
    Beyond the cheapo ads that trail me around the Internet, however, Mack Weldon hadn't done a lot of marketing before the debut of its "Customer Emails with Matt" series late last month.
  • Ford, Chevy Vie For Superfamily Supremacy
    Ford and Chevrolet, are coming for me on other platforms. Their presence arrives in the form of a web series, Ford's "Finding Peace in the New 2016 Ford Explorer," and a smattering of related vignettes, Chevy's "Traverse 4G LTE WiFi: Seven Kids."