• Degree's The Adrenalist
    My toddler son said something profound the other day. As we played amid a host of plastic screamthings and clangable salad implements appropriated from the kitchen, a ruminative, far-away look appeared his eyes. Summoning the accumulated wisdom of the ages, he placed a steady hand on my shoulder and said the following: "TRUCK TRUCK TRUCK TRUCK TRUCK TRUCK WIWA [window, through which one might view a truck] TRUCK TRUCK TRUCK WIWA WIWA TRUCK TRUCK TRUCK TRUCK TRUCK WIWA!" He punctuated this monologue by pointing towards the wiwa/window and pooping himself orange.
  • Subtlety In "Mistakes Kids Make" Video Weakens The Message
    I empathize with any dumb kid who does a dumb-kid thing - up to a point, which is located far, far, far short of what happened in Steubenville. And that's why I have a hard time reconciling my thoughts on personal accountability with the apologist thrust of Mistakes Kids Make's first-ever video fusillade, independent of the peculiar and unfortunate timing of its arrival.
  • Kilbeggan Campaign Undermines The Brand's Authenticity
    What I love most about St. Patrick's Day is the authenticity. Even as the gutters run gold with the discharge of a thousand tumescent bladders, nary a celebrant loses sight of the history behind the hooliganism.
  • Toshiba's Field-Testing Experiment Doesn't Go Far Enough
    My toddler son has entered the annihilatory stage of his relationship with objects. His three favorite pastimes, in no particular order, are emptying a basket filled with baseballs and launching them down the stairs, one by one; using the mini-mallet that came with a recent toy purchase to survey the textural hardiness of our windows and TV screens; and fashioning a crude drum kit out of pots and pans, then attempting to best the 24-minute duration of "Moby Dick."