• Videos For "Grown-Up Children's Stories" Terrify And Delight
    The first in a series of videos previewing "Stories For Ways and Means," an anthology featuring stories written by musicians like Tom Waits and illustrated by painters who I presume are equally awesome but I know nothing about painting so I won't attempt to throw around any names, strikes me as so extraordinary.
  • California Lottery's Mentorship Campaign Is All Kinds Of Wrong
    "Back to the Start" is a new mentor-riffic campaign from... the California Lottery? That can't be correct. The California Lottery, as I understand it, is a lottery. Let me do a quick check.
  • 'Sexy' Mezquila Brand Vids Border on Whitesnake Territory
    Hagar has teamed with fellow polarizing frontman Adam Levine to produce/promote Santo Mezquila, a high-end spirit that melds the tar-pit aftertaste of mezcal with the decision-making-impairment faculties of tequila.
  • 36 Sentences About 32 Super Bowl Ads
    In the spirit of Sunday's between-snaps endeavors, here are exactly 36 sentences about 32 Super Bowl ads. Happy early Ad-Nerd Prom Day, everyone!