• ULTA's 'Trading Faces' Is An Ideal Brand Showcase In Need Of Minor Tweaks
    I am a middle-aged white dude with a young kid, which means that I choose restaurants based on their proximity to parking and clothes based on their proximity to the bed. My thoughts are generally consumed by quotidian matters (the errands I run, the lunches I neglect to stock with items from food groups other than pretzeled breads). When my mind idles, it gravitates towards sports and pop-cultural effluvia (stats, rankings, “I wonder what Dido is up to nowadays,” etc.). All this is to say: I am not the person …
  • Royal Caribbean Wins Gold With 'Caribbean Cup Challenge'
    I don't have Olympic Fever so much as a mild Olympic head cold. Part of this is due to other activities elbowing in on my Olympic intake - dodging snow, removing snow, shuffling plans in the wake of snow - but mostly I'd attribute it to narrative fatigue.
  • Skype's "Victoria Beckham Fashion Story" Is A Colossal Waste Of Bandwidth
    I passed a few of the endless hours until bedtime by slogging my way through Skype's "Victoria Beckham Fashion Story," which relates the uplifting tale of how the erstwhile Spice Gal parlayed her fame and standing with the world's top designers into a charitable campaign that outfitted entire African villages in durable, low-cost workwear.
  • Apple's '1.24.14' Lacks Originality
    It was a pretty exciting week for Apple as well, adding a star of my prodigious luminosity to its universe of brand adherents. Apparently there was also an anniversary of some sort involving the Macintosh. As is Apple's wont, the company commemorated the occasion - the Mac's 30th birthday - with "1.24.14," another brand video shot exclusively on the newest iPhone.