• California Lottery's Mentorship Campaign Is All Kinds Of Wrong
    "Back to the Start" is a new mentor-riffic campaign from... the California Lottery? That can't be correct. The California Lottery, as I understand it, is a lottery. Let me do a quick check.
  • 'Sexy' Mezquila Brand Vids Border on Whitesnake Territory
    Hagar has teamed with fellow polarizing frontman Adam Levine to produce/promote Santo Mezquila, a high-end spirit that melds the tar-pit aftertaste of mezcal with the decision-making-impairment faculties of tequila.
  • 36 Sentences About 32 Super Bowl Ads
    In the spirit of Sunday's between-snaps endeavors, here are exactly 36 sentences about 32 Super Bowl ads. Happy early Ad-Nerd Prom Day, everyone!
  • Video Critique I-Team Answers Question Nobody Asked: Why Don't Supermarkets Do More Branded Video?
    Why isn't Uncle Giuseppe's, or any other grocery chain, more invested in brand video?
  • Smarty-Smart GE Flaunts Its Science Savvy With 'Unimpossible' Stunts
    I don’t care what the incoming heads of the EPA, CIA, FDA, NIH, NSA or Departments of Energy, State, Health and Human Services, Commerce, Education and Interior have to say on the matter: Science is A-OK in my book. It might even be real! I have great confidence that we will continue to turn to our scientists to help us navigate the most perilous waters in which we sea-fare. Nothing will change this, except maybe the appointment of several “Real Housewives” to positions of leadership within NASA. It nonetheless feels like somewhat less than a coincidence …
  • Do Not Take 'Short Journeys' With Cadillac
    Cadillac's "Short Journeys" is pretentious to the point of self-parody, the latest automaker content foray to conflate mindless brand gloss with film-school-grade substance.
  • Runkeeper Stresses Inclusivity In 'I Am A Runner'
    I can say without exaggeration that I consider Runkeeper one of the most indispensible tools in my day-to-day existence. I've been using the app to track my daily scampers around the neighborhood since May 29, 2011.
  • What I Learned From The Year's Most Watched Brand Videos, 2016 Edition
    Here's my annual guide to the year's ten most viewed brand videos, as measured by the good folks at Visible Measures. As in years past, we rewatch the videos and try to glean some knowledge along the way. As in years past, we largely fail in that second aim.
  • Amazon Botches Drone Delivery Debut
    I could not be more geeked up for the era of drone delivery. Sure, drones might invite the occasional unwelcome rendezvous with utility wires and prove less than reliable during sleet squalls and encourage those hooligan kids down the street to recalibrate their skeet-shooting aspirations. But once you get past those eensy-teensy issues, their coolness kicks in with the intensity of a thousand tanning lamps.
  • 'Save Our Snowmen' Is Advocacy At Its Least Essential And Effective
    "Save Our Snowmen," produced by the well-meaning folks at Cool Effect. It addresses one of the few issues about which I am humorless, myopic and patently unable to comprehend any position other than my own: climate change.
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