• Return Of The Gagging Order
    An entertainer has prevented a tabloid newspaper from printing details of his extramarital affairs in a case that is expected to trigger a fresh round of legal battles between celebrities and newspapers over privacy injunctions. The "well-known" individual who is referred to in the judgment of the case by the initials PJS, and his wife, referred to as YMA, are both described as public figures. He is reported to have had a "three-way sexual encounter" with another couple more than four years ago.
  • Big Data Has A New Buzzword Rival -- Small Data
    "Campaign" spoke to author Martin Lindstrom at the industry launch of his new book "Small Data." Martin said: "Big Data is all about correlation -- it is to gather billions of data points and try to find some sort of pattern in it. Small Data is really the counter balance; it is what I define as seemingly insignificant observations we make in our daily lives and that is a lead to what I call the causation, the reason why; which in many ways is really the hypothesis you should use to mine the Big Data."
  • French Media Unites Against Ad Blocking
    Ad-blocker users are being either asked or forced to uninstall the software before being able to read news content on some of the biggest French media Web sites, which argue they are being deprived of vital revenue by the use of such software. The initiative -- organised by a trade association representing online businesses -- aimed to reverse the growing popularity of software that blocks advertisements that many Internet users find annoying, but which provide critical revenue to media Web sites.
  • BBC Project Will Engage One Million UK Kids In Coding
    The BBC has dispatched up to 1 million of the micro:bit, its credit card-sized computers, to all children in Year 7 across the UK. The micro:bit, which is the modern descendent of the 1980s mini-computer the BBC micro, is a small, low cost-computer designed to teach children how to code. It is made up of processors and sensors -- the raw materials of a computer -- but can be programmed in a number of ways. The goal is to teach kids to program and create their own games on the tiny device.
  • Apple Watch Price Brought Down To GBP250, New Straps Launched
    Apple has announced a range of new straps for its Watch, at the same time as it slashed the price for the best-selling smartwatch on the market. The Apple Watch is now "the top-selling smartwatch in the world," said Tim Cook at the company's first ever March product launch event. Cook went on to reveal a range of new woven nylon straps in a rainbow range of colours, before announcing that the Watch's price would come down by GBP50. It is now available to buy for GBP259.
  • UK To Boom Due To Internet Advertising Adoption, ZenithOptimedia Predicts
    The UK ad market is "booming" thanks to the rapid growth in Internet advertising, according to ZenithOptimedia's latest forecast. The UK was cited as the standout ad market in Europe. ZenithOptimedia said the UK was "currently booming thanks to the rapid adoption of Internet advertising" and predicted UK ad spend will grow by 9.2% this year, compared to 4.1% in the Western and Central Europe region. Internet advertising will overtake spend on TV globally by next year -- a year earlier than previously predicted.
  • Spotify Claims New Mobile Ads Are "100% Viewable"
    Spotify has brought its 'welcome back" ads, which greet returning users, to the mobile sphere. Since the ads are immediately served up to users upon return, Spotify says that they guarantee advertisers "100 percent viewability." The 'Overlay Mobile' ads are an extension of Spotify's 'Billboard' desktop ads, which are essentially large display ads that appear in the center of a user's screen once they return from a period of inactivity.
  • Mail Group Signs Big Lidl Deal
    Mail Brands UK and Metro today yesterday announced a 12-month brand partnership with supermarket chain Lidl, the biggest of its type across dmg media, parent company of Metro and the Daily Mail portfolio. The partnership will feature a combination of high-profile advertising placements, including front-page (print and online) splashes, as well as branded content features across the "Daily Mail," "The Mail on Sunday," "Metro" and MailOnline.
  • Analytics Innovation Makes Twitter Facebook's Equal, Claims UK Managing Director
    Twitter's analytics innovation over the past two years has brought it in line with its competitors, according to Dara Nasr, the UK managing director. Speaking ahead of the site's tenth anniversary, Nasr said that Twitter has been developing its back-end systems so that it is easier for brands to work with the platform. He denied claims that brands are restricted in how they can use Twitter, compared with the flexibility of Facebook and Instagram, for example.
  • Johnston Press Confident It Can Boost 'i' Circulation
    Ashley Highfield knows what it is to manage decline. In five years at the helm of Johnston Press, the print circulation of his 220 regional and local titles has headed one way only -- down. However, the chief executive of Britain's fourth-biggest publisher believes that he has a one-off opportunity to do the unthinkable and boost the circulation of the i, his new national newspaper. "I think we can grow it," he says. "We genuinely believe we have a pretty good fist of a chance to get the circulation up."
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