• Daredevils Show Video of Their Secret Climb to Top of Seattle's Space Needle
    Officials are not amused,  These climbers have also scaled and documented other urban feats on YouTube.
  • Fanhattan Introduces a New Buttonless Remote
    The company announces a  entirely new TV device and remote called Fan TV. 
  • Photo, Finished: Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off Photographers, Will Concentrate on Online Video
    The paper's union is protesting the move, but the Sun-Times says its readers want online video and it will concentrate on that. Among those laid off is Pulitzer Prize-winner John H. White.
  • 49ers and Sony Will Work Together on a High Tech Stadium
    The two outfits are working together to create a smarter stadium set to open in 2014, with an aim to connect the fans who come out to the game in far more ways than the usual fancy, giant electronic screens.
  • Sony Chief: Playstation 4 Will Be For Game Players--Mostly
    Sony CEO Kaz Hirai says the new Playstation will function best as a game player, but he leaves vague hints about other functions.
  • Akamai Adds to Its Aura Solutions
    Akamai Technologies has added Aura Lumen and Aura Spectra to its Aura Network Solutions family of operator content delivery network (CDN) technologies. Both are designed to address the growing demand for online content and video.  
  • Hulu's International Chief Resigns as Service Weighs Offers
    Hulu LLC’s Johannes Larcher resigned as head of international operations for the online video service, whose owners are weighing offers for the company.  He led Hulu into Japan, but it hasn't expanded past that.  
  • Is Hulu Less Valuable Than Tumblr?
    Yahoo is paying $1.1 billion for Tumblr but offering $600M-$800M for Hulu. At the bottom line, it doesn't seem to make sense.
  • The So-Far Unseen Hand Behind BuzzFeed/CNN Alliance
    BuzzFeed's new aggressive presence on YouTube coupled with its alliance with CNN could be a signal YouTube is disappointed with the performance of  Reuters and the Wall Street Journal's video presence.  
  • Now You Can Post YouTube Videos in Slo-Mo
    Google unleashed a new tool that lets a user post videos in slo-mo, which not only is potentially cool, but potentially really popular. (It could also extend time spent on YouTube.)
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