• Apple's Cook Is Not Wrist Averse
    Apple CEO Tim Cook is not so sure about Google Glass but he likes the idea of wearing some Apple-like appliance on his wrist. 
  • Netflix Stock Dips Based on Some Negative 'Arrested Development' Reviews
    Netflix's stock fell by more than 6% Tuesday as investors reacted to critics' mixed reviews over the weekend of the first new "Arrested Development" episodes. The shares shed $14.55 to close at $214.19.
  • MLB Digital Chief Talks About Baseball's Online and Mobile Pitch
    Bob Bowman, who runs MLB's digital properties tells AllThingsD  that one thing he has learned is that mobile is the center of everything. “This is the screen everyone goes to first,”      
  • A 'Best-Of' Site for Science-Based Audio and Video
    Science Studio‘ is essentially a hub where people can nominate their favorite online (science-based) audio and video work. Winners will be highlighted in the Science Studio 2012 collection, which will be posted online in October of 2013.
  • N.Y. Times Video Series Revisits the Y2K Hysteria
    There have always been a few people around who think the world as we know it is about to end. But in the late 1990s there arose fears of a computer bug named Y2K that seemed so real that Americans spent $100B to prepare. Then...nothing. This is part of the newspaper's video series on recent past events. 
  • A Look Back at Netflix's Own Real-Life Arrested Development
    A date-by-date look back at how Netflix grew, then stumbled, then grew again.
  • Sources: Yahoo Offering $600-$800M for Hulu
    It's been a weekend of rumors about who is buying Hulu. AllThingsD says Yahoo has the most prominent bid. The price range depends on what kind of rights deals Yahoo can get for content.  
  • No Lack of YouTube Videos Encouraging Muslim Violence, Paper Says
    "Thousands of vile terror videos, hate-filled sermons and Al Qaeda training videos urging British Muslims to maim and kill" can still be found on the internet within seconds, says the London Daily Mail  
  • Cleveland Kidnapping Hero Disavows Video Game, Burger Promotions
    Charles Ramsey, the neighbor whose fast action led to free three women held captive in a Cleveland home for nearly a decade, is angrily disavowing a video game that features his likeness, and distancing himself from a restaurant that has put a hamburger on its menu in his honor.  
  • Tremor Video Files For An $86.3M IPO
    Online videoadvertising provider Tremor Video Inc filed with U.S. regulators on Thursday to raise up to $86.3 million in an initial public offering of common stock. Tremor wants to tap into the growing demand for placing ads in online video, it explains in its SEC filing.
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