• Katie Bolting from ABC News for Yahoo, But Keeping Syndie Talk Show, The Wrap Says
    Katie Couric is leaving her role at ABC News, but not her syndicated show, and will join Yahoo, two sources told TheWrap. She already does "Katie's Take," a joint project of Yahoo and ABC News.
  • Xbox? Playstation 4? Chromecast? Discussing and Comparing Media Devices
    A podcast discusses the Xbox One as a media device, especially compared to much cheaper streaming devices like Chromecast, which just added HBO GO.
  • Five Notable Vines from the Past Week
    Five of the best branded Vines of the week, as determined by ReelSEO.com includes a six-second pitch for Oreo, as does BBC and Capital One.  All the videos here.
  • Netflix Is Way Overpriced, Says This Analysis
    Netflix has changed the way people watch movies and TV shows, but its current valuation doesn't fit projections for future cash flows and levels of profitability, especially with competition from Redbox, Amazon Prime, Microsoft’s Xbox, Hulu and others, Netflix.
  • Yahoo Screen Is Full of Great Content and Very Few Ads
    Why does Yahoo Screen feature some of its best content but very few ads? It's a test, says a Yahoo spokesman. Whatever. For now it seems Yahoo is leaving millions of dollars on the table.
  • How Online Video Evolved from an English Coffee Pot
    Ruminations on Internet lore:  One of the best-known bits of Internet trivia concerns the world’s first webcam. In 1991, coffee-loving tech types at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. pointed a camera back at a coffeepot located a couple of floors above them. By looking through their local area network, they could find out if coffee was brewing.
  • Intel's OnCue Is OffPlan; It Looks Like Its TV Service Will Be Sold Off To Verizon
    IntelTV, navigated by Intel's ballyhooed OnCue technology, was to make the chip maker's debut into show biz  for the holiday season. Now it is off the table, seen as a distraction by Intel's new CEO. Most likely, Verizon will acquire OnCue, Reuters and AllThingsD report. 
  • Apple TV Adds Yahoo Screen and PBS Apps
    The Apple TV is now offering Yahoo Screen and PBS app that lets users watch some, but not all, of its shows. Apple has been slowing rolling out more programming deals throughout the year, including apps for Time Warner’s HBO and Disney’s Disney Channel and ESPN.
  • Yahoo Increases Its Stock Buyback Offer
    Yahoo boosted its stock-buyback plan by $5 billion, returning more cash to shareholders. It will also sell $1 billion in convertible debt maturing in 2018, in a private placement, the Sunnyvale, California-based company said yesterday in a statement.
  • British Protein Shake Maker Finds It's Not Master of Its Own Online Ad Domain
    The protein shake For Goodness Shakes runs afoul of Britain's good taste police, the Advertising Standards Authority, for a commercial with heavy allusions to masturbation.
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