• Yes, YouTube Did Go Down Yesterday
    YouTube went down at 2 pm yesterday, for a little more than a half hour  The outage also affected playback on mobile as well as connected devices, and YouTube embeds on third parties.
  • Handy Guide to the 8 Dominant Online Video Companies
    Thumbnail sketches of the eight online video providers, ranked  by unique video views in October, as measured by comScore.
  • Yahoo and Vevo Make a Deal in Europe
    The  new partnership extends Yahoo and VEVO’s existing arrangements in France, Spain and Italy, where in addition to streaming all of VEVO’s music videos, Yahoo is VEVO’s sole advertising sales partner.
  • Alternative Ending to 'Breaking Bad' Lives for a Moment on YouTube
    It was there and gone. YouTube briefly posted an alternative, and funny, ending to "Breaking Bad," that steals from the final scene from "The Bob Newhart Show" finale. The video wasn't there long. Stories like this are. A mistake, or marketing? A boxed set of "Breaking Bad" is being released Nov. 26. 
  • Sky Puts $8 Million Into Fund That Helps Innovative Video Start-Ups
    Satellite broadcaster Sky is plunking down $8 million with Luminari Capital, a Silicon Valley fund that helps new innovative online video businesses.
  • Aereo Threatens Sports Contracts, MLB, NFL Warn SCOTUS
    After the TV networks filed a petition to the Supreme Court  last month to stop Aereo, the NFL and MLB filed an amicus brief last week arguing that if Aereo prevails, it would mean sports programming would likely migrate to cable. Broadcasters argue that Aereo undermines their ability to collect retransmission fees from cable and satellite operators.
  • Programmatic Buying Steps Up for Premium Players
    Programmatic buying has taken off at Hulu and YouTube. And NBC is considering this "programmatic direct" compromise in which its ad-sales staff would negotiate custom packages, then plug those orders into an automated process, according to sources.  NBC declined to comment.
  • Hispanic Marketers Wonder If Repurposing TV Ads, Or Creating New Ones Is the Way to Go
    Like the general population, online video  is getting huge in the Hispanic market, and now marketers are asking a familiar question: Is it better to create unique online video ads, or repurpose existing TV spots? Experts weigh in on three sides of the question. .
  • Analyst Predicts No Great Leaps for AppleTV in 2014
    Apple stock analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks an updated Apple TV box running on Apple’s new A7 processor will show up next year, with an actual television set to follow in 2015 or 2016. He also warns Apple TV sales will be limited unless it does something new in that space.
  • Prospect Park Wants $95M from ABC in Online Soap Opera Dispute
    New versions of “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” launched in April 2013 on Hulu and Prospect Park’s TheOnlineNetwork, with episodes also available for purchase through iTunes. But the Prospect Park production company says ABC, which sold the rights, went on to "borrow" "OLTL" characters to start a mega-soap. Prospect Park now wants $95 million in damages.
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