• 5 Video Trends Shaping Online News
    In 2014, this University of Maryland faculty member says, longer videos (Grantland), shorter videos (Instagram, Vine), better HD, Go-Pro personal style pieces and Vice (the nascent news org) will be trends to watch.
  • Surprised? Netflix Q4 Beats Analysts' Per Share and Subscriber Estimates
    Netflix said  its fourth quarter net profit grew sixfold from a year ago as its total subscriber base exceeded 44 million members worldwide. The net profit of $48 million, or 79 cents per share, beat analysts' estimates of 64 cents.
  • Analysts Look for Volatile Action after Netflix Earnings Call Today (Wednesday)
    Options traders are bracing for about a 10% up or down in Netflix Inc shares after it reports results after the closing bell on Wednesday. Bearish predictions had been holding sway until yesterday when some bulls showed up. Netflix gained 298% in 2013, so some see it ready to take a tumble.
  • Is Netflix Popularity Just a Matter of Periodic Consumer Share-Shift?
    Yes, there are cord-cutters, but David Bank, RBC Capital analyst, suggests maybe it's just "share shift" as consumers follow content and don't really care so much about price of premium channels, or how they get them. . For example, Showtime, once a premium cable laggard, now zooms because of better content like "Homeland."
  • VW's German Engineers Cook Up the Perfect Super Bowl Ad
    This online spoof ad shows a German engineer cooking up a complicated algorithm to create the perfect Super Bowl ad for VW, which has a pretty enviable record in the category. Worth watching, just to see references to the famous commercials lampooned in this one. 
  • China's Communist Party Now Requires Creators to Use Real Names to Upload Videos
    Chinese Internet users are now required to register their real names to upload videos to Chinese online video sites, an official said, as the Communist Party tightens its control of the Internet and media to suppress anti-government sentiment.
  • What to Look for with Netflix Earnings Call
    High-flying Netflix will put some numbers out there later this afternoon, which will either justify or dampen enthusiasm for its high per-share price. The whole online world is watching...
  • In Europe, NintendoTVii New Service is a No Show
    NintendoTVii, a  free service which allows users to connect to Internet-based video on demand services like Netflix and Hulu, has been delayed in Europe. Nintendo TVii was scheduled to arrive in European markets by the end of 2013, but almost three weeks into 2014, TVii is still a no-go, and the company has apologized.
  • 18-Year Old YouTube Mogul Is Making a Fashion Statement
    Eighteen-year old Bethany Mota's videos about shopping make her YouTube channel more popular online than Vogue magazine and she has started her own national branded line of clothing and jewelry.
  • ...But The Revolution WILL Be Streamed
    Gil Scott-Heron's "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" became a kind of anthem in 1970 suggesting mainstream media was missing the changes at the street level but Kaltura  co-founder and CRO Shay David says the Internet and live video via smartphones ensures the revolution will be streamed, from around the world.
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