• CNNx Promises To Let Viewers Choose News In Real Time
    CNN introduced a live news service, CNNx, that it said will let viewers choose stories and other content in real time. The service, available now on iPads and later on TV sets through "some distributors' set-top boxes" presents a rundown of stories and a menu of digital features that offer access to  24 hours' worth of stories. The CNN website is also being redesigned.
  • CNN Debuts Digital Studios
    CNN has formed a new unit, dubbed Digital Studios, to produce short and sweet video stories that viewers are more likely to share online. “That project seems to be CNN’s answer to mobile-first news startups like NowThis News and Circa,” The Wall Street Journal reports. “Among its first projects: a bite-sized video news series built specifically to be viewed and shared on Twitter called Your 15 Second Morning.” 
  • Amazon Claims It Now Streams More Than Hulu Or Apple
    It's based on its own commissioned research but the press release displays the more aggressive tone to Amazon's online video marketing.
  • Video Managed Services Market Grows Wildly As Online Proliferates
    Research from IHS Technology revealed a near three-fold rise in the global video managed services market from $9 billion in 2006 to $24 billion in 2013. By 2017, that could rise to $32 billion, driven by digital and online video.
  • Embarrassingly Successful: HBO Go Overloads Again
    The season premiere episode of "Game of Thrones" had so many online users trying to see it that HBO Go once again became HBO No Go. Is this a problem for streaming video in the future, or mainly just HBO's problem? 
  • Ericcson's Six Visions For The Future Of Television
    At the NAB convention, Ericsson gave its “Media Vision 2020,” a list of  six assertions about it thinks the advanced TV business will look like by the year 2020. Among them is the contention there will be 15 billion devices capable of streaming, and that OTT will be firmly entrenched. Content providers of all sorts will divvy up $750 billion in revenue compared to $550 billion now.   
  • Microsoft's XBox Adding Six New Series
    Xbox's TV studio, headed by ex-CBS exec Nancy Tellem now has at least six series in production and three in development.
  • Bollyvod Is New Indian Online Video Site, Launching Now
    It appears Zee Entertainment is planning to launch an online video portal called Bollyvod  in partnership with Voddler, this Indian online news site reports.
  • Elon Musk Not Amused By HBO's 'Silicon Valley,' Premiere; He's A Party Poo-Poo'er
    Elon Musk thinks Mike Judge missed the essense of what the Silicon Valley is all about, but other swells at the Redwood City premiere and after party seemed to approve 
  • David Letterman To Marry Paul Shaffer; Also Will Leave Show In 2015
    Early video of David Letterman announcing to his studio audience this afternoon that  he's retiring in 2015.
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