• Maker Studio Could Be Really Big, Someday, Disney Exec Says
    Though it's just a (maybe) $950 million drop in the bucket for Disney right now, an executive says the film studio thinks someday it will be a major producer, like Lucasfilm or Marvel. Jay Rasulo, Disney senior executive vice president and CFO, said eventually it will be a big producer of short form video, a place where Disney doesn't do much. 
  • Zappos Introduces 'Mobile-Ready' Clothing (Wink-Wink) For New Big Apple iPhone6
    Zappos wants to capitalize on that buzz with a marketing stunt featuring a product dubbed "mobile-ready pants" that promise to fit devices of all sizes. Zappos, known for similar stunts, created a video and microsite to launch a bogus pair of overalls.
  • OTT In Europe Is Going Through The Roof
    European OTT video revenue was up 51% in 2013, reaching US$3.2 billion, and it is expected to grow another 43% this year, according to a new report by Strategy Analytics.
  • Twitch Co-Founder Won't Let Amazon Change It
    Twitch’s co-founder Emmett Shear has defended the company in the wake of its acquisition by Amazon, saying that he will refuse to let the live streaming video site for gamers be turned into a shopping front. He said Twitch would with links to purchase games on Amazon, but that there would be no direct integration with Amazon and its shopping cart and that there had been no discussion of data sharing between the two companies.
  • Endemol Launches Two New YouTube Channels
    Endemol launched Beyond Original and Beyond Reality channels to serve as incubators for programs that could have a longer-length life elsewhere. 
  • Spotify Debuts Video Ads, Host Of Launch Partners
    Spotify is rolling out its first video-ad products for desktops and mobile devices, Variety reports. Worldwide, launch partners include NBCUniversal’s Universal Pictures, Coca-Cola, Ford and McDonald’s, while U.S. partners include Kraft Foods, Target and Wells Fargo. “The video ads will be served to the 30-plus million users of Spotify’s free service (subscribers of the premium versions will not see the spots),” according to Variety. 
  • Video From Top Winners At The Streamy Awards
    The Guardian cherry picks videos of its ten favorite Streamy Award winners. The awards were given out over the weekend in Los Angeles.
  • Here's Who Won Top Streamy Awards
    In a nutshell, Smosh Games over PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles over Grace Helbig, though she was the co-host of the show. (Also, you can watch a video of the show here.)
  • New Video Seems To Shows Rice Hitting Fiancee
    TMZ has grainy video of what it says may be the Baltimore Ravens star striking his fiancee in an elevator. The NFL's comparatively light punishment for Rice, based on video of him dragging her off the lift, was criticized by many and led to a newer, tougher policy.
  • The Boss Is Coming To 'Lilyhammer'
    Bruce Springsteen will make an acting appearance in Netflix's "Lilyhammer" series, entering its third season--and starring band mate Steven Van Zandt as a witness-protection program thug hiding out in Norway.  Springsteen will play a mortuary owner on the third-season of the off-beat drama.
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