• YouTube Cracking Down On Branded Content Freebies
    Cracking down on branded content freebies, YouTube is no long allowing graphical title cards to appear in videos. “The policy states that creators working with brands to make sponsored content are not allowed to put video overlays of those brands’ logos or other marketing materials on the videos in question,” Tubefilter reports. “However, if brands agree to pay Google to advertise on that particular creator’s channel, then video overlays are allowed.”
  • Chelsea Handler Slams E!, Says Netflix Is Like Guy You Want To Be Seen With
    The talk show host/comedian, who is getting a new show via Netflix in 2016 and has a special now running, says the pay service is smart, and E! wasn't 
  • Femme Stunt Driver Punks Blind Dates In Her Mustang
     Preston Persson meets a few blind dates and invites them to take a drive in her new Mustang; they're all macho about it, not knowing she's a professional stunt driver. Ten million have seen it since it debuted this month. Probably among them were Jeff Gordon and creatives for his Pepsi Max ad, which did the same stunt, more or less. Still, it's fun to watch. 
  • Defection From TV May Be Faster Than Anticipated
    The New York Post's Claire Atkinson reports that so far this season, Nielsen figures show younger viewers have ditched their TV sets at more than double the rate of previous years. Traditional TV usage — which has been falling among viewers ages 18 to 34 at around 4 percent a year since 2012 — tumbled 10.6 percent between September and January.
  • Report: UK Digital Spend Will Go Past All Other Ad Types This Year
    Researchers say the total UK advertising market will hit £15.8bn in 2015, up 5.5% from last year , and just under £8bn of that will go on digital ads, whether on search engines, mobile apps, newspaper websites or video-on-demand services
  • Correcting: Quiznos, Visa Are Turning To Digital In A Big Way
    Ooyala's blog, Videomind, reports that Quiznos will leave TV altogether and advertise only online and in print and Visa will, for the first time, spend more than half of its marketing budget on digital.
  • Hulu Launches Watchlist To Help Users Manage 'Their' Shows
    Online video hub Hulu has launched “Watchlist,” a personalized feature that helps subscribers keep track of  and manage their favorite shows, series and video clips.
  • Derek Jeter's New Site And AOL Are Now Teammates
    Jeter's PlayersTribune.com site has a new content launch and distribution partnership with AOL.  So far, the site has mainly dealt with essays, but, with the new alliance, video production should step up.  
  • Snippet Of McCartney, Fallon, Taylor Swift, Jamming At 'SNL' After Party
    Sir Paul McCartney had better vocal nights than he did Sunday during the "SNL" 40th birthday bash, but McCartney, Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon got it together for the after party. TMZ has a short clip. (So do other sites.) 
  • Obama's Selfie, And A Dirty Mirror, For BuzzFeed
    The President uses a selfie stick and mugs for the camera in a bathroom mirror badly in need of Windex. A Washington Post political critic calls that a metaphor for his time in office.
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