• Can Pandora Lead Premium Market?
    Following its acquisition of digital music service Rdio, is Pandora poised to take on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple for paid streaming customers? It’s possible, analysts tell Variety. “Though Pandora’s new service won’t launch until later in 2016, analysts think it can challenge the category’s well-capitalized incumbents,” it writes.
  • Producers Have A Problem With Streaming Services
    Producers are apparently concerned that streaming services like Hulu will eat into their royalties. The problem, however, is that “networks … increasingly want to let viewers catch up on their shows by offering all episodes that have aired during the current season, or even past seasons, via their streaming apps and cable on-demand services,” The Wall Street Journal reports.
  • Whistle Sports To Provide Content for 26 Dailymotion Channels
    Under the Dailymotion deal, Whistle Sports will work with over 20 creators to provide original content for their channels. The sports-based YouTube stars Whistle is slated to work with includes Air JapesBaller BootcampOfficialBarstarzz, Daniel CuttingDirty MikeDoubleAVideof0rtressFreestyle FactoryHarlem GlobetrottersILoveBasketball TVImPossible TrainingIndi CowieMe and My GolfNorwegian Crab Pots,ProTips4UPWG FreestyleStronger TeamTeam Flight BrothersThe CourooonsThe Hockey Movement,theFCThe Lacrosse NetworkTop Speed TennisVenom Trickshots, and Whistle Sports’ own brand.
  • Amazon Video Coming To Apple, Report Says
    As the devices congeal...AppleTV doesn't carry Amazon Prime Video on its set-top box but that might be changing. Amazon told a Twitter user it is working on an application for tvOS and hoping to launch the app before the end of 2015. 
  • BuzzFeed's Adele Helper: "How To Play A CD"
    "An extremely elderly person" (age 34) tutors younger or forgetful music fans on A-to-Z of playing a CD. (A-to-Z is a reference to 26  letters that make up the alphabet, which existed even before Google chose that as the new name for its parent division.) 
  • No 'Creepy' Targeting Allowed Says Snapchat's Spiegel
    One hundred million people use Snapchat every day, and advertisers want more access to them. But CEO Evan Spiegel says he's drawing a line to disallow "creepy" targeting that users don't want.
  • Patent Applied For Ad Device That Spots De-Bugging Requests
    The application, published on Patents Encyclopedia.com states that four Bay Area inventors have devised: "A method of monitoring an online video advertisement system, comprising: receiving a request for insertion of an online video advertisement; determining, selectively based on presence of a debug suffix, whether the request includes a debug request; performing a bidding auction to select a winning bid; and sending debug information, in response to the request, upon determination that the request includes the debug request, comprising bid data received during the bidding auction."
  • Marissa Mayer: Promises Kept?
    The Wall Street Journal's critique of Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer compares what she promised versus what she's delivered. Despite the negative tone of parts of the article, it seems she deserves more of a grade of Incomplete than Failure 
  • Apple Buys Virtual Reality Startup
    Apple has reportedly acquired Faceshift -- a Zurich-based startup that can turn people’s faces into animated avatars in real time. Among other potential uses, “In gaming experiences, people can adopt avatars whose faces will alter based on the players’ actual expressions for a more immediate and realistic experience,” TechCrunch reports.
  • Blink And You Missed This Incredible Sony Xperia Giveaway
    On November 18,Sony uploaded an ad to YouTube, for its new Xperia tablets and smartphones. At four seconds in, a time-stamp, one frame message lasting 0.03 seconds popped up. The person who noticed it and acted, won an Xperia Z5. .
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