• Netflix Stock Sputters On News Of Possible Time Warner Investment In Hulu
    Netflix fell 3% in response to the Wall Street Journal story that said Time Warner might become a fourth owner of Hulu, joining Comcast. Disney and 21st Century Fox. That would give Hulu more programming clout to compete with Netflix, in theory.
  • A Guide: Facebook Video Ads Have Potential Drawbacks
     While the network has made significant efforts to improve the way it reports its analytics to video marketers, its metrics still lack behind YouTube. Also, the length of the videos, and weighing the value of discovery are factors would-be advertisers should consider.
  • Grim Hidden YouTube Video Of Pork Plant Gets USDA's Attention
    An animal rights group posted a short, grim YouTube version of a longer video of pigs being mistreated that it has supplied to the USDA. The Washington Post says the agency has serious concerns about the conditions at the facility, which processes pork for Hormel.
  • Ruminations On The Jumbotron's Past And Future
    "It could be argued that the Jumbotrons were the original 'second screen' experience long before the term became a sports media favorite to describe an era of mobile devices and laptops becoming attached to the palms of fans.'
  • SVOD Spending Up 23% YOY, Says New Report
    Subscription video on demand services are enjoying a steady rise, with consumer spending growing 23%  year-over-year in the third quarter of 2015 to $1.27 billion, says a new report by The Digital Entertainment Group. The jump helped contribute to total U.S. digital spending for the quarter of $2.12 billion, a figure that includes electronic sell-through (EST), video on demand (VOD) and subscription-based streaming like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video. What's interesting is that while U.S. consumers are spending roughly the same amount for home entertainment in 2015 as they did in 2014, they're spending their money in different ways.
  • Microsoft Struts Its Wonkiness With 'Decoded'
    Microsoft's new series, via its own YouTube channel, is “Decoded,”  in Microsoft’s John Shewchuk travels the world to discover new tools and how they’re being used to develop software solutions.
  • Top Websites Increasingly Turn to Auto-Play
    Facebook’s approach is catchy.Some 88% of videos on 330 top websites play automatically, according to an analysis by MediaRadar.
  • Vizio Smart TVs Collect Very Specific Data On Users' Behavior
    Vizio’s technology analyzes snippets of the shows you’re watching, whether on traditional television or streaming Internet services— as well as whether you watched them live or recorded. The viewing patterns are then connected your IP address - the Internet address that can be used to identify every device in a home, from your TV to a phone. Vizio recently updated its privacy policy to say it has begun providing data about customers’ viewing habits to companies that “may combine this information with other information about devices associated with that IP address.” The company does not promise to encrypt IP addresses before sharing …
  • Griping About Comcast On Its Home Turf
    On Friday, residents of Philadelphia get a chance to spout off about their Comcast service as the city holds hearings as part of the process of renewing Comcast's charter. The hearings have extra oomph because Comcast is headquartered here, but apparently, subscribers get just as angry, as they do in other cities. 
  • Yahoo Eyes What Units To Abandon, Says Re/Code
    According to several people close to the situation, Yahoo has hired McKinsey & Co. to help the company decide which units to shutter, which to sell and which to invest more in.
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