• Vice Launches Newscast For Go90
     "Daily Vice" episodes will run for 5-7 minutes and cover cultural and lifestyle topics not typically covered through other media outlets. Vice is also working on another series for Go90 called "Autobiographies."
  • Univision Launches A New Streaming Service
    Up til now, only cable/satellite subscribers could get Univision online. Now, for $5.99 a month, anybody can.
  • NFL Reportedly Meets With Yahoo To Mull More Games
    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met with Yahoo execs to talk about a way for Yahoo to stream Thursday games that will also air on NFL Network
  • Hard For Studios To All Take On Netflix
    Unless many studios begin to refuse selling rights to movies and TV shows to Netflix, it should have no problem keeping its momentum and market share,
  • What Media Can Learn From PC Video Games
    Media firms can learn a lot from the PC video game industry's embrace of freemium models, remixes, mods, and crowdsourcing, according to Chris Dixon, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz. “Even if you have no interest in video games, if you are interested in media, you should be interested in PC gaming,” he writes in a Medium post. “Over the past decade, PC gaming has, for a variety of reasons, become a hotbed of experimentation.”
  • Anti-Bot Tech Leads To Better Engagement, Says Study
    A white paper from video ad platform Videology and security firm White Ops, “Eradicating Bot Fraud: The Path to Zero-Tolerance,” looked at nearly 300,000 video ad impressions delivered by the Videology platform with the White Ops bot-blocking technology turned on. Video ads with bot-blockers had 22% more engagement.
  • Time Warner Considers Stake In Hulu
    Time Warner is reportedly ready to but a stake in Hulu, The Wall Street Journal reports. The deal would value the streaming-video service at more than $5 billion. “The companies have been in talks about Time Warner becoming an equal stakeholder in Hulu alongside Walt Disney Co., 21st Century Fox Inc. and Comcast Corp.”
  • Virtual Reality Headed To Prison
     Ovrture, a new VR content studio created by unscripted television firm  44 Blue Productions,  created short  subject “Lockup 360,” a companion to their MSNBC prison documentary series “Lockup,” they put viewers inside Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center in Sacramento, showing them what it’s like from both the prisoner’s and the guard’s perspective.
  • YouTuber Neistat Is Definitely Not Friends With Facebook
    YouTuber Casey Neistat, who has 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, charges that at a minimum, freebooters were responsible for  20 million unauthorized views of a Halloween video seen on Facebook. He thinks Facebook is dong nothing much about the problem.
  • YouTube Music Launches, Cooler For 'Red' Customers
    The app is here and you can use it in free, ad-supported mode, but it becomes a lot more powerful and interesting if you pay for a YouTube Red subscription, just like Google Play Music. 
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