• Commander In Chief 'Getting Coffee' With Seinfeld
    The seventh season of Crackle's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" with Jerry Seinfeld will feature President Obama, available on Dec. 30. They ride in a 1963 Sting Ray. 
  • Game Consoles Are Way Most People Access Video
    Forget Amazon, Apple, Roku. Most people access online video from gaming console,survey says
  • Time Mag's Strategy For Free Premium Viewing
    By carefully using free trial months at Hulu, Netflix and others, you can at least go for six months without paying for premium streaming video, says Time. (You also can subscribe to Time and agree to pay later, and you go months before they cut you off. Try it.)
  • Hulu Now Thinks 'The Awesomes' Isn't
    Variety says Hulu has pulled the plug on the three-year old animated series, "The Awesomes", created by ex-SNL star Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker and featuring roles for lots of SNL performers and associates. 
  • Time For A Shakeout In Ad Tech?
    Probably because there are just too many of them, some ad tech firms are laying off workers, and this article fro Ad Exchanger speculates that 2016 will separate the pretenders from the survivors. (Also, not everybody is hurting)
  • Some Execs Think Cable Will Actually Grow In 2016
    ...but with an asterisk. Most of the gains will be from customers switching from telco or satellite providers, and some from people who want skinny bundles, which doesn't increase revenues as much.  
  • Digital Media Deep Thinkers Predict Where Things Are Headed
    Nieman Lab every year collects volunteered predictions from a wide array of journalists and digital media pros. This, from Mathew Ingram of Fortune, is a little more dire than most but in the ballpark: "All traditional media companies know is that the world they used to rely on is crumbling, and there’s no one to blame.” Clip and save? 
  • NYT Video Pioneer Ann Derry Is Leaving
    After a decade, Ann Derry, who started The New York Times video department is leaving, amid department buyouts, though the paper didn't say she received one. 
  • Restaurant Search Search Site Zomato Advertises On Porn Sites
    Using sex-tinged phrases like "Lick it", "hot, sticky mess" and "swallow the whole six inches," restaurant search service Zomato starts advertising on Indian porn site, with success.
  • What Was In Yahoo's Party Gift Bag? Blinders and Tin Ears?
    CEO Marissa Mayer, with a consistent propensity for lavish spending even as shareholders question her judgment and the company's performance, threw a holiday party that featured, among other things,  vintage Rolls Royces on display, "swinging flapper aerialists, pouring champagne towers and Gatsby-esque costumed actors" wandering around. Mayer, in a long sequinned gown, received guests from behind a roped-off area, seated in a pure white chair. 
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