• Vice Media ComScore Feb. Tally Falls, A Lot
    Vice Media's Web traffic tumbled 17.4% in February, according to comScore new figures but the slide might be caused by a "traffic assignment" arrangement that actually is suppose to improve the numbers backfired instead. The inventory that Vice makes available to media buyers is actually a combination of its own website, Vice.com, and a collection of other Web properties Vice doesn’t really own or operate, such as ModernFarmer.com and ThePlaidZebra.com. Those sites' traffic gets counted with Vice's so if they fall they can hurt Vice.
  • Refinery 29 Founders Remember The Lean Days
    Refinery29 is one of a few leaders in the space that has tens of millions of readers and a sky-high valuation. On its site, Refinery29 attracts about 25 million monthly uniques. But when it started, there were few investors and not many believers. 
  • Comic-Con Launching Subscription Video Service
    In partnership with Lionsgate, Comic-Con plans to release a subscription video service in early May. Free at first, the year-round service will require subscribers to fork over a fee ahead of the actual Comic-Con convention, in July. At launch, the channel will include a scripted comedy series, called “Kings of Con,” and a pair of unscripted series, called “Impossible Science” and “Her Universe,” The New York Times reports.
  • SXSW Panel: Concert Video Streams Work, Audio Not So Much
    Live-streaming concerts viewership is high enough to attract sponsors, say panelists at SXSW:  A festival with five or six stages can carry a production cost between $500,00 and $800,000, said Hank Neuberger of Springboard Productions. But audio streams don't have the same allure. 
  • Turner Plans At Least Two Subscription Services
    Turner's Dave Levy and John Martin tell reporters the cable programmer will offer at least two digital subscription services that might duplicate existing channels or offer new types of programming, to capture cord cutters and and cable nevers.
  • Old Meet New: MTV Producing Snapchat Doc
    "MTV Snapchat Docs: Art/Life/A$AP Ferg"bowed on MTV’s Discover channel on March 16. The documentary is told through mobile-captured photo and video using Snapchat’s in-app lenses and filters, and shares stories from the lead up to the annual MTV Woodies/10 for 16 awards show, which highlights emerging artists.
  • Verizon Spends Freely--Too Freely?--On Go90 Launch
    Verizon planned to spend $30 million to drive two million downloads as it launched video streaming service Go90 last fall. That’s a lot on a per download basis and shows how aggressive Verizon is being in its effort to compete against Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube as a major platform for mobile video.
  • StreamSpread Starts To Help Streamers Find Audience, Backers
    New StreamSpread helps streamers find an audience and publishers earn ad revenue.. Streamers start by creating a campaign on StreamSpread. They set up a credit card or PayPal account, and use StreamSpread filters to search the publisher directory for Websites to carry their live stream.
  • Start-Up Advice From StyleHaul, Sharablee Founders
    Stephanie Horbaczewski, StyleHaul founder, advises women entrepreneurs not to be afraid to "break things." Making mistakes is how you learn. Also, "find a hitting partner," somebody reliable who can challenge your ideas. Tania Yuki, founder of marketing analytics firm Sharablee says trust your instincts and "get your idea and tech out there, fast as you can, limping, bandages and all; don't worry if it's 'right' yet." 
  • Top Vine Creators Ask Twitter For Some Cash
    Some top Vine creators met late last year with execs from Twitter, which owns Vine, seeking some compensation for all their good pieces of six-second long content. A Vine creator tells Buzzfeed it was not a hostile meeitng and said Twitter is now trying to work something out. Already, Vine creators can use Open Amplify, which allows for pre-roll before the videos. But it's also true Facebook and YouTube could offer better deals. 
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