• Olbermann Is GQ.com's New Fashion Statement
    The journeyman sports and current events commentator will begin popping up bi-weekly on GQ.com starting Tuesday at 8.a.m. Headlines usually follow him aroundm but he's been out of the TV spotlight for more than a year. The Internet probably gives him more space to vent his views. 
  • Teads Acquires Brainient, With Eye On Mobile
    Teads the ad tech company, has acquired UK rival Brainient for an undisclosed sum and will rechristen it as Teads Studio. It will help clients make ads interactive with 360 and live formats. Brainient also has tech that converts horizontal ads to vertical for mobile screens. 
  • YouTube Star Doesn't Know Much About Business
    Ryan ToyReview  topped the U.S. YouTube viewership chart again last week, with 122 million views. He's also at the top or near it world wide. Ryan, we should point out is 4-years old.
  • Fox 21 Exec Jumps To Netflix As Drama Czar
    Tara Flynn most recently was VP of creative affairs for Fox Television Studios, overseeing development and current series. Prior to that, she was an exec who worked on Fox produced series including "Homeland" and "Sons of Anarchy."  F
  • StyleHaul For The Other Half Is Called Hauk
    StyleHaul is launching a new batch of channels, called Hauk, a male lifestyle/fashion place. Or to put it in StyleHaul's own words, "Hauk by StyleHaul is the destination for bold, stylish, adventure seeking guys living life to its fullest. Driven by personality and passion, Hauk creators are dedicated to sharing their daily routines with candor and humor, and encourage their viewers to explore and celebrate their unique interests." 
  • Amazon Fire's Universal Voice Now More Universal
    With a software update for existing boxes and sticks, Amazon’s Fire TV is expanding universal search to a bunch of new apps. The company partnered with Netflix and HBO to bring content recommendations from their apps directly to the Fire TV home screen. Finally, Amazon is adding new voice control features to the device. The Fire TV’s universal voice search now surfaces content from Vevo, Hulu, HBO Now, Showtime and 70 or so other apps. 
  • Snapchat Looks Ahead To A $1 Billion Year
    A new study from eMarketer says Snapchat's revenues next year could reach $1 billion, after chalking up $366.69 million this year. That's growth of 155% YOY.  
  • New Yorker Uses Video, But Carefully
    The New Yorker's videos have been extraordinarily popular with readers, but the magazine, nearly a century old, has been careful not to over-do it. Like its articles, New Yorker videos production tempo is slow and deliberate, and often brilliant. 
  • Primer On YouTube's Demonetization Edict
    Internet Creators Guild, founded by YouTuber Hank Green, explains the controversy between YouTube and creators over content guidelines that can lead to "demonetizing" some of their videos. 
  • Don't Play Pokemon Go In Russia; Vlogger Faces Prison For Doing That
    Ruslan Sokolovsky, a Russian vlogger has been charged with "incitement of hatred or hostility" by Russian officials after he videoed himself playing Pokemon Go in a church and posted it on YouTube. It has a million views. Authorities have detained him for two months and he could be sentenced to five years. The Russian government hates Pokemon Go and had banned it.  
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