• Pro-Trump Priest Uses Aborted Fetus In Video
    Allegedly, Amarillo Texas priest Frank Pavone shot a video of an aborted fetus on an altar, to call attention to Donald Trump's pro-life stance and Hillary Clinton's freedom of choice attitutde. The priest posted it to Faceebook. The diocese says something like that is "not consistent with the beliefs" of the church and is studying the matter. 
  • Brightcove Starts Helper For Social Media Publishers
    Brightcove Social helps publishers distribute, manage and measure videos on social media.  With one central interface, they can view analytics for on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, as well as their other online properties,
  • Instagram Wants To Start Live Video, Too
    Got "live" if you want. Seeing the trend, Instagram wants to move into live video, just like Facebook, which owns it. Stay tuned. 
  • ' The Martian VR Experience': Out Of This World?
    The Fox Innovation Lab released “The Martian VR Experience” from executive producer Ridley Scott and director Robert Stromberg for HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. It costs $19.99. This is said to be a vast improvement from a preview Fox showed at CES in January. Users get to navigate machinery in a Martian sand storm, deal with plutonium and other stuff.  Variety says it's the first time Fox has released a VR title for sale.
  • Over Melllow? Study Says Sootihing YouTube Videos Can Lose Effect
     YouTube's autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos can make viewers relax--actually make you tingle-- but a new study says if you watch too many too often, the effect is lost. Advice: Take a break.  
  • Fusion Staff Unionizes
    The Fusion editorial staff voted to join the Writers Guild of America East. The guild announced on Friday that more than 90% of Fusion’s 70-member bargaining unit voted in favor of unionization.
  • Tech Lobbyist Tusk Explains Trump
    Bradley Tusk, a lobbyist for tech start-ups including Uber and once campaign manager for Michael Bloomberg, explains why voters went for Trump. In a nutshell: People were pissed off at media/East Coast media opinion shapers and pissed off that Hillary Clinton seemed to just expect to win--as if it was just her turn-- without ever presenting a case why she really wanted/deserved it.  
  • Snap Will Sell 'Spectacles' Via Vend Machines
    ...and those vending machines will move from place to place, one day at a time. The video-shooting sunglasses from Snap (aka Snapchat) will retail for $129.99. Coming soon, and no doubt publicized via unending free media.
  • HGTV, Food Network Shows Exit Neflix Soon
    Scripps Networks Interactive Scripps is ending its distribution deal with Netflix for shows from Food Network and HGTV at the end of the year. Not the best dual revenue stream idea, Scripps says. Hmmm.
  • User Generated Concern: YouTubers React To Trump
    Tubefilter reports the YouTube community reacted with "shock and horror" to Trump's election, but urged their fans  "to remain hopeful in the face of a leader whose values seem an egregious affront on their own."
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