• Facebook Cooks Up A New Deal For Publishers
    Recode reports that Facebook would pay publishers to create more produced video that is long enough for Facebook to put mid-roll ads into, and non necessarily live. The new arrangement would replace the live video deals in made with publishers, though live could be part of the mix.
  • OTT Will Overtake Broadcast Views By 2020, Survey Says
    A sutvey of almost 500 "tech leaders" by Level 3 Communications and Unisphere Research proclaims that 50% believe live-linear OTT viewing will exceed broadcast viewing by 2020 and 70% are sure it will be fact by 2022.
  • Now Machinima Is Out At NewFronts
    It's important to point out that 34 digital content makers still intend on being at NewFronts, but several big named purveyors have cancelled/scaled back their presence. Tubefilter jokes that maybe it should be renamed NewFrexit
  • 'Local' Netflix Competitor Unveils 'Magic Hour'
    Iflix is based in Malaysia and aims to produce more programming aimed at the nations where it's available. The first example is "Magic Hour," a comedy series that be localized in three countries. UK's Sky has plunked down a $45 million strategic investment 
  • YouTube TV Review: Almost Really Good
    It doesn't offer as many channels as competitors but it has that unlimited DVR capacity and other good features. Worst of all, though, is that YouTube TV can't be seen through your TV set unless you have a Chromecast app. That's the big negative, says the reviewer. 
  • Beck's 'Blaze' Says It Had Good Reasons To Fire Lahren
    The Blaze didn't fire Tomi Lahren because she said (on ABC's "The View") that she was pro-choice. They fired her because she had said the opposite on her Blaze show, and also because they say she doesn't know what she's talking about. And she has a potty mouth. And so on. She filed a wrongful termination suit after she was removed from The Blaze last month. 
  • April The Giraffe's Baby Born As 1.2 Million Watch
    The very long-awaited birth of April the giraffe's (really not so) little one occurred Saturday at a small zoo in Harpursville, N.Y., as at least 1.2 million watched online. (It's a boy, by the way.)
  • YouTube TV Is A Work In Progress
    The new YouTube TV has some neat features and some significant drawbacks, says the tech writer for the San Jose Mercury News, in a story picked up by the Columbus Dispatch.
  • YouTube's Secret 'Dark Mode'; Not At All Sinister
    Sounds nefarious, no? But YouTube's new Dark Mode, when you activate, turns things darker on your browser. It's for night time viewing, when, most typically, you should be sleeping in that bed of yours. Some say the darkened version is healthier. 
  • How GoPro Lost Its Vision Thing
    It wanted to become an "exciting media company" but it lost focus on its main product, and the failure of its drone didn't help matters
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