Super Bowl Scores More Digital Viewers


While the obvious Super Bowl ingredients are beer, chips, football action, parties and conversation, one study says not to forget another growing multitasking activity: smartphones.

Young Super Bowl TV watchers 18-34 who have smartphones will be using them heavily during the big game on February 6. According to Lightspeed Research, 59% intend to send emails and text messages about the game during play. But almost as many viewers will be emailing and texting on non-Super Bowl-related matters -- 54%.

Among the other activities about the game while using smartphones: 24% will be searching Super Bowl-related stories and content; 18% will be watching Super Bowl video clips or Super Bowl commercials; 17% will be going to Super Bowl advertiser digital areas; 12% will be researching past games; and 8% will be buying Super Bowl merchandise.



Looking at the broader picture, the study says while 55% of those will be keenly interested in the game, 15% will be there primarily to watch commercials.

Females have a 21% interest in the messages; males have a 9% interest.

But given the number of Super Bowl parties, 27% said they are primarily interested in the social interaction of family and friends. Women are especially there for the social elements, with the study putting their interest at 37%, while men's social interest rates 19%.

The study predicts that young Super Bowl viewers will continue to watch less actual Super Bowl football action than older demographic groups. Seventy-one percent say they plan to watch the game -- the majority from their homes. Viewers anticipate commercial spots from Anheuser-Busch more than any other advertisers.

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