Thanx Launches Branded App Builder For Restaurants, Retailers

Thanx, a mobile loyalty and retention platform, announced the launch of a branded app product on Tuesday. The product provides retailers and restaurants with a branded mobile app that can execute loyalty programs and provides them with a suite of mobile marketing tools.

Early partners with Thanx include West Coast specialty bakery chain SusieCakes, Boston-based apparel retailer 2nd Time Around, and the legendary Chicago deep dish pizza chain Lou Malnati’s.

The app itself offers a number of marketing campaign archetypes including tailored experiences specifically for high-value customers, re-engagement programs with incentives, feedback and surveys, and offering incentivizes to top customers for referrals.

“With the Thanx Branded App, we benefit from actionable data, on-demand push notifications, real-time Net Promoter Scores (NPS) tied to customer lifetime value and detailed customer segmentation. It’s important for us to know exactly how much money each customer spends and precisely how satisfied they are after each visit and now we actually can,” states Kristin Kohler Burrows, president and CEO of 2nd Time Around.

Mobile loyalty programs are doing away with wallet clutter, something Mindy Kaplan, senior director of marketing at Lou Malnati’s, states has been a problem for their loyal customers. “Now all they have to do is pay as usual and the Lou Malnati’s app automatically informs them of their next reward,” she states.

Loyalty programs are in vogue right now for many retailers and brands, and as users narrow their focus onto a select few apps, a well-executed loyalty program can make all the difference in their purchasing decisions.

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