Jeff Jones Drives Uber As New President

Former Target CMO Jeff Jones will replace Uber’s President and first hire, Ryan Graves, it was announced today.


Graves will remain at Uber as a “resident entrepreneur and builder,” according to a blog post from Travis Kalanick, Uber CEO and cofounder. “This will include bringing his unique brand of optimistic leadership to our People Operations, helping to build uberEVERYTHING (EATS, RUSH, and others) with Jason Droege, and working with me on a number of upcoming strategic projects,” writes Kalanick.

In the blog post, Kalanick outlines two prongs for Uber’s approach to marry their marketing and operations efforts together. The company wants to organize its business around the consumer more effectively and find a leader to take it to the next level of brand-building.

As Uber grows its business out, it has started a number of horizontal moves—like self-driving cars and building out its own digital mapping infrastructure that will be more accurate in the countries it is starting to serve.

The company is also expanding into services, with options like UberEATS to bring food to hungry customers.

Board member David Drummond also recently stepped down, The Wall Street Journal reported, though for entirely different reasons. His other company, Alphabet (Google’s parent company), is now in competition with Uber as they both strive to build fleets of self-driving cars.

It is clear Uber has their sights set on being much more than a ride-sharing app and managing a stable of drivers.

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