Optimove Launches CRM Optimization Bot

Optimove has premiered a new customer relationship management (CRM) optimization tool that automates marketing campaign analysis to help marketers pinpoint the most effective strategies to lead a customer to a sale.

The new product, Optibot, uses machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze a customer's behavior and engagement history to recommend marketing strategy and segmentation.

Optibot effectively helps take a marketer behind the scenes of a marketing campaign to make data analysis easier for brands that do not have a data scientist on hand. The new tool is integrated with the Optimove cross-channel marketing platform, powering data analysis across Web, email, SMS, push, social media and Google’s DoubleClick ad network, among others. 

For example, Optibot could recommend that marketers drop under-performing marketing campaigns that are not resulting in the same ROI as alternative measures. In addition, Optibot can also help point to neglected customers that are not receiving relevant messaging or predict that some segments should be expanded or split to optimize marketing impact.



As with any machine-learning device, Optibot takes time to understand the data and customers it is working with. It then recommends turning on a “self-optimizing” feature that automatically determines the right customer or customer group to receive each campaign message or action.

Pini Yakuel, founder and CEO of Optimove, says: “Marketers struggle with an overwhelming amount of data, making it harder than ever to leverage that data to actually move the needle in key customer metrics such as spend, engagement and loyalty. Optibot takes the guesswork out of analytics, targeting and personalization, automatically applying data-driven campaign optimization techniques, leaving marketers with more time to focus on the creative side of their craft.” 

Optimove says its entire client base will be introduced to Optibot once it is rolled out -- including Zynga, 1-800-FLOWERS and LuckyVitamin.

Optimove powers the Optimove Customer Marketing Cloud, which currently sends marketing content more than 900 million consumers through targeted cross-channel personalization. The Tel Aviv-based company, with offices in New York and London, most recently announced a $20 million investment from private equity firm Israel Growth Partners in September. 

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