Email Is Fourth In Helping Shoppers Discover Brands

Almost three-fourths of consumers are willing to consider a new brand in at least one major shopping category.

But they are ready to move if they don’t get what they want, according to Why We Buy—Consumer Behavior & Loyalty In the Age Of Infinite Options, a study released on Monday by Criteo.

Among the most vulnerable brands are those in the grocery and apparel categories — 80% of consumers will try a new grocery supplier, and 72% will try an apparel provider. In contrast, only 46% are willing to try a new jewelry or luxury goods brand. 

Email comes in fourth among channels that have helped shoppers discover brands — 34% say it has.

Facebook is first, cited by 49%, followed by websites (46% and YouTube (40%).

That ranking is no surprise, given that email is used less for acquisition than it once was. Still, it appears to have enduring strength as a means of introducing a brand, beating Instagram (27%), Pinterest (22%), online influencers (15%), Twitter (14%) and Snapchat (12%).

Meanwhile, consumers show a variety of reasons — some predictable — for trying and abandoning brands.

In one surprise, 51% say that their buying decisions are affected by a brand’s values, and 35% say they are more likely to buy again from that brand after the first purchase.

What else keeps returning? Consumers are influenced by: 

  • Best value for money — 66%
  • Lowest prices — 51%
  • Best product selection — 49%
  • Good customer service — 40%
  • Convenient physical location — 38%

Their reasons for leaving a brand are similar:   

  • Decline in quality/value/prices too high — 52.5% 
  • Found a better alternative to that brand — 50.3% 
  • Poor customer service — 42.9%
  • Brand is out of business/no longer available — 34.6%
  • Poor return/refund policy — 25.8% 

In addition, 16.2% will drop a brand that no longer reflects their values. However, only 6.5% will jump because of a lack of personalization. 

In a separate development, Criteo announced that Marie Lalleman, current executive vice president at the Nielsen Company, will join its board of directors, effective April 26th.

She will replace Sharon Fox Spielman, current independent director, who is resigning due to business commitments. She joined the board in 2016.

Lalleman is a member of Nielsen's global operating committee and global media executive committee and serves on the board of Mediametrie/
Netratings SAS. She is also a global executive sponsor for women in Nielsen's employee resource group, which encompasses 5,000 members in 70 countries.

Criteo is an advertising platform for the open internet. 

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