Instagram, Facebook Are Top Channels For Grocery Ecommerce, Report Finds

Today MikMak, an ecommerce platform for multichannel brands, released its Grocery eCommerce Benchmarks and Insights Report for 2022, which shows social media networks are driving the majority of online grocery traffic, and households without children are the biggest group buying groceries online. 

The findings were gathered between August 31, 2021 and January 31, 2022 from MikMak’s Shopping Index, a collection of key ecommerce KPIs across hundreds of brands, over 250 channels and 2,000 retailer integrations, according to a recent statement.

Data from the Index shows Facebook and Instagram remain the top channels for grocery ecommerce -- driving 25% of online shopping traffic -- followed closely by Google Ads at  21.3%. YouTube and Pinterest are also popular channels for online shopping, driving 11.8% and 9.7% of traffic, respectively.

The Index also includes data from MikMak Shopper Intelligence, which ties first-party ecommerce data to over 1,000 demographic and psychographic data points that can be segmented by product, retailer and more. 

For example, GenZ and millennials are leading online grocery adoption. Young couples without children have the highest purchase intent for buying groceries online, followed by households with 1-2 children, while households with 3-4 children have the lowest purchase intent.  

In terms of retailers, Walmart leads for grocery ecommerce shoppers on the MikMak platform, with 15.8% of shoppers preferring to check out there, followed by Target and Amazon with 12.2% and 12.7%, respectively.

Instacart was 2021’s top preferred retailer, but finished in fourth place this year at 9.3%. 

The report also shows that traditional grocery stores with online portals like Kroger, Fred Meyers and Ralph’s combined to make up over 43% of preferred checkout destinations for grocery ecommerce shoppers. 

“From ad engagement to retailer checkout to last-mile delivery, grocery brands need to gather and make sense of consumer preference data to tailor a shopping experience for consumers regardless of where they are engaging,” said Rachel Tipograph, founder and CEO of MikMak.


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