X Lowers Requirements Of Ad Creator Revenue-Share Program

After announcing a global rollout of its Ad Revenue Share Program, then delaying its release due to unexpectedly high participation rates, the company said, X is attempting to onboard a larger pool of creators by now lowering the entry requirements by a significant amount.

In a post from Thursday evening, X wrote that it had “lowered the eligibility threshold for ads revenue sharing from 15M to 5M impressions within the last 3 months” and “lowered the minimum payout threshold from $50 to $10.”

As a result of lowering the number of total impressions needed to enter the program, creators will see fewer ad impressions and lower revenue share payouts.

X's ad-revenue program also only pays creators on ad impressions shown to verified users in the reply threads of posts.

Ad impressions shown to non-verified users do not qualify for creator payouts.

With a mere 0.05% of X users subscribing to the platform's premium offering and a lack of ad spend since Elon Musk's takeover, the money pool may be severely limited for eligible creators.

Another concern is the creators' inability to check how many “verified views” they are receiving on their posts.

Without knowing this number, creators will not understand how many impressions or views their posts are generating, or whether X is paying them appropriately.

In June, Musk said  the first block of creator payouts would amount to almost $5 million.

But last week, the billionaire angered creators when the company rescheduled the payout for July due to a surge in sign-ups.

This new update to the program requirements, however, will still help a wider variety of users get paid for posting in the app -- and may at least offset Premium subscription costs for some.

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