Women's FIFA Ads Outpull Men's Tournament's On Impact Ratings

The top-ranked ads celebrating the FIFA Women’s World Cup have outperformed the top ads in the men’s World Cup last year, according to creative effectiveness platform System1.

The company’s Test Your Ad platform predicts the short- and long-term commercial impact of ads, based on their ability to drive market-share growth, by measuring viewers’ second-by-second emotional responses to creative. Its Star Ratings range from 1 to 5.9.

The women’s tournament to date has already featured three four-star and six three-star ads.

In comparison, just one out of 20 ads from U.K., U.S. and Brazil in the men’s FIFA World Cup tournament that were tested by System1 earned four stars, and half the ads scored between one and two stars.

The rankings for the top five in the women’s tournament to date range from 3.7 to 4.4.

They are “The Pride Has Arrived” (above) from ITV, with 4.4 stars (U.K.); “Todas Marias” from Claro (Brazil), with 4.3 stars; “Debinha/Joga Forever” from Nike (Brazil), with 4.1. stars; “Play Until They Can’t Look Away,” from Adidas (U.K.), with 3.8 stars; and “Taste of Greatness” from Frito Lay (U.S.), with 3.7 stars.

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