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Daniel Ambrose

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Media company Management Consulting and Advertising Sales Strategy & Training.

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  • In Search Of Authenticity in Publishing Insider on 01/10/2013

    Content marketing is all the rage these days. Why not? Until further notice, Google is directing the greatest number of eyeballs every day, in every way. Why not build some content that will attract those eyeballs at just the right time?

  • Is 'The Market' Ever Wrong? in Publishing Insider on 12/13/2012

    We don't have to go back to the Dutch Tulip Mania in 1636 & '37, or the South Seas Bubble in the early 1700s, to know that markets can be wrong. In my humble business lifetime we have had the Internet stock bubble, and the market gave us a housing bubble. Gas station attendants got mortgages to buy McMansions. Math geniuses made presentations at investment conferences on how data about past default experience proved the default rates would be low and the returns would be high.

  • Every Ying Has A Yang, And Every Problem A Solution in Publishing Insider on 11/15/2012

    Newton's third law of physics says that very action has an equal and opposite reaction. It's a principle that can very often be applied in the world of business. One example of how Newton's law impacts the marketing business is how low-display pricing has driven online publishers to focus on custom marketing solutions, "complete solutions" that combine webinar sponsorships, microsites, promotions, social media marketing etc., and simple "native advertising."

  • Publishing Management In An RTB World in Publishing Insider on 10/18/2012

    One thing I have learned in 18 years of working in digital publishing is that the Internet is so big that every idea will be tried. Many, many bad ideas along with good ideas are launched and fierce market forces will sort out the winners from the losers. Then the winners will immediately face new competition, forcing them to evolve to survive. One example of this evolution is the metamorphosis of advertising networks developed to serve and track advertising, and then to fill unsold inventory for publishers.

  • The Trouble With Social Media in Publishing Insider on 09/20/2012

    What is the lifespan of social media? Having been working in digital media for 18 years now, I've seen so many social media applications come and go that I wonder if there's a construct through which we can view social media to help us understand its sustainability.

  • The Death Of Solution Selling? No, Birth Of Problem-Solution Selling in Publishing Insider on 08/23/2012

    Entrepreneurially driven new-media companies are redefining our clients' needs for them, not waiting to be told what the client needs. Established media needs to step up to the plate to plug the hole in its leaky boat by taking the same approach. Let's define the needs of the marketers we work with, rather than let others do it.

  • Get To The Top! in Publishing Insider on 07/26/2012

    One of the enduring truths about business is that successful managers must have the ability to retain two conflicting values in their mind simultaneously, and to balance them appropriately on an ongoing basis. Bankers must maintain depositor safety and loan out money to risky businesses in order to generate a return for the depositors. Manufacturers must balance the need to maintain or increase product quality while at the same time driving down costs. And successful salespeople must listen well to their clients, but also bring new solutions to clients that they don't even know they want.

  • What Happened To The Sweet Science? in Publishing Insider on 06/28/2012

    For publishers wondering how to protect their paying business with Internet pay walls, there is a very interesting lesson in the story of two great American sports. Boxing was as popular as baseball in the 1940s. A. J. Liebling, the great New Yorker writer, wrote about "The Sweet Science" in the 1956 book called "the greatest sports book ever" by Sports Illustrated. But something happened over the last few decades to keep boxing from growing with the times, while Major League Baseball has built its success through thick and thin.

  • Thriving In A World Of Change (Enough Handwringing About Ad Rates!) in Publishing Insider on 06/07/2012

    For many of us, it's hard to believe change can indeed accelerate, but now it can be said that change is the only constant. Change has been accelerating in how our readers and viewers access our media, and therefore we must change how we publish to our market.

  • On Dating Clients -- I Mean, Calling On Clients  in Publishing Insider on 05/03/2012

    I know you have been told by an advertising or media agency; "you don't need to call on the client." They may have even said "the client doesn't see reps," or "you are not allowed to call on the client." So how do you reconcile that with your understanding of the way decisions are made?

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  • Trump Used Media Money To Market An Insurrection by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 02/11/2021)

    Where does the legal prohibition against false advertising come in here?  One company, attacked with false advertising by another would easily win a stay and recompense.  Why not "the People vs. Trump" here?  The damages are immense; minimally the hundreds of millions for deploying the National Guard, but also ongoing increased security that now must be supplied to 535 representatives and senators untill further notice.

  • This Just In From The Mars News Channel... by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 10/30/2020)

    Great question Joe. Many big companies have defied the dis-information to make committments to the environment, which is deeply related to global health.  Will those same big spenders make a committment to the "media environment" and refuse to subsidize Murdoch and Fox with their advertising?  Fopx is actively hurting their own viewers health with the disemination of opinion and so-called alternative facts. Covid is just one aspect of that. Denial of climate science is another. Anti-healthcare improvement is another.

  • 'It Would Be Great If We Could Really Give The News Correctly' by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 03/16/2020)

    Nicely done Joe.  Thank you .

  • Trump Campaign Has Weak Libel Claim Against 'New York Times' by (Publishing Insider on 02/28/2020)

    I disagree James.  The point of filing the law suit is to be able to tell their base Frankel's view is a lie.  Why wait a year to file?  So the suit can be in limbo up to the election, while a significant portion of Trumps base doesn't even understand that there is a big difference between filing a suit and proving a suit.

  • Why Fake News Fears Will Not Lead To Spike In Subscriptions by Sean Hargrave (London Blog on 11/27/2019)

    Lets not obsess over this stat.  If 15% of the market pays for digital news they trust that is good, and a very big number.  In the glory days of newspapers, many readers didn't pay.  They were the secondary and tertiary readers of papers paid for by others.  "Paid" digital media can still be read by not-so-serious readers who just want a drip or two of the good stuff.  And paid media does need to sample their wares to non-paying readers as a marketing tactic.  And paid digital media has much lower distribution expenses than a paper paying for rolls of paper and delivery a far greater portion of the revenue can drop to the bottom line, or at least cover the fixed expense of news gathering and editing.

  • AMI CEO Pecker Granted Immunity In Cohen Trial by Melynda Fuller (Publishing Insider on 08/27/2018)

    Good story.  Would love to see reporting on the owners of AMI: Chatham Asset Management and Omega Charitable Partnership, L.P.  Who are the principles of those firms, and are all the investors in these firms OK with owning a company spending money on catch and kill?Are tax-deductable donations (to Omega Charitable) being used to purchase and prop up AMI and it's journalism?

  • Let's Just Agree That Location Data Is Inaccurate by Thomas Walle (Marketing Insider on 06/05/2018)

    Hello, Thomas. You should learn about the new app;  It just launched in NYC via the App Store.  You can get it free there.  I've tried it; not only is their location data accurate, haveing walked the streets and dropped a pin in front of every store and vanue, but they scrape the websites, twitter feeds and facebook pages for the future is a map of the future.dan

  • The Disappearance Of Advertising-Supported Media by Maarten Albarda (Media Insider on 09/22/2017)

    Thought you were going to point out that when it comes to 'the good stuff" among content, it will be increasinly supported by subscriptiosns.  That is the actual answer.  

  • 'Self' Mag Shutters Print Edition, Hires New Editor In Chief by Sara Guaglione (Publishers Daily on 12/01/2016)

    Did Self have a digital edition version of the print?  If so, how many subscribers?  Will it survive?

  • The Advent Of Second-Party Data by Philip Rosenstein (RTBlog on 08/15/2016)

    Lets be clear here.  We're talking here, really, about a different kind of third party data.  First party data is mine...whether I am an advertiser or a publisher.  Second party data is that owned by 'the other" company I am doing business with; either the media company if I am an advertiser, or if I am a publisher second party data is that owned by my advertiser.  Third party data is everything else.No advertiser can get a competitive advange by using the same third party data their competitiors have access to.  I'm not saying don't use third party data.  But lets be clear.  If Chevy Trucks and Ford Trucks are both buying third party truck intender data, how is one goiing to win an edge?  They might win an edge by focusing on unique and exclusive ways to leverage their media partners second party data.Programmatic advertising is like the stock market.  If everyone has the same information, no one beats "the market."   Having proprietary information is the way to win.  That does not mean "inside information."  It means doing hard work of store-checks, or competive analysis that puts an investor ahead of the market. Krux is a good solution to bring first party and second party data into the same room so unique solutions can be formulated.This is what we teach in Masters of Media Selling: How to Sell Programmatic.

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