Email Marketing Daily Editions for May 2018
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 31, 2018
UK Denied a Seat On GDPR Compliance Board; EU Leaks Data On Citizens
Rebel Launches A Lite API For Building Emails
ANA Acquires DMA: It's The Data, Stupid
California Senate Passes Sweeping Net Neutrality Bill
Google Takes Conservative GDPR Approach, Confirms Consent Before Targeting Ads
What's It Worth?
Follow The Form: How To Get Good B2B Contact Data
Tips On How To Monetize An Email List
DA Candidate Blasts 'Race-Baiting' Emails Sent By Union
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 30, 2018
French Group Files GDPR Complaints Against Five Tech Firms
Missouri Gov. Charged With Misusing Email List Resigns
CMOs Need MarTech Skills Above All Else, Study Finds
Hacker Gets Five Years In Yahoo Breach Case
LiveRamp Works With Lucid On Data-Scoring Initiative
Starbucks Founder Schultz Emails Customers To Explain Closures
New York Times Writer Creates Email Weekend Dustup
'NYT,' 'ProPublica' Launch Year-Long Email Newsletter 'Blood Will Tell'
Commerce Department: GDPR Creates Trade Barriers, Poses Safety Risks
Salesforce Stock Rises After Earnings Report
Strategies For Avoiding Gmail's Promotions Tab
GDPR's Impact On Your Inbox
Jamaican Firms Are Prepared For GDPR
GDPR Buffoonery: Email Addresses Widely Leaked In Privacy Notices
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Happy GDPR Day: Ghostery Exposes Email Addresses Of Users
Movable Ink Allows Brands To Build Custom Email Content Apps
The Upside Of GDPR: Consumers Boost Sentiment, Purchase With Brands That Protect Them
Leveraging Mobile Email Key To Multichannel Engagement
Many Brands' Email Frequency Sours Customers
Thank You GDPR, My In Box Is Getting Less Cluttered By The Day
'Washington Post' Introduces Premium EU Subscription Following GDPR
A Legitimate Fast Shuffle
Yet Another Wrinkle in GDPR: ICANN Sues To Force Data Collection
BlackBerry's Plan For GDPR Compliance
Survey Finds High Cyber Vulnerability
What To Do With Non-Opted-In Leads
Hotmail Wins In Review Of Email Service Providers
Ways To Make Customers Want Your Emails
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, May 25, 2018
Group Files First GDPR Complaints Against Facebook, Google
How Netflix Is Winning With Email Marketing
Consumers Aware Of Data Compliance Outreach, Generally Opt-Out
Cyber Security Starts With The Humble Email
Over A Third Of UK Consumers Are Opting Out Of Email Lists: Study
GDPR And Blockchain Can Co-Exist, Lawyer Says
'NYT' Debuts Newsletter Touting City's 'Summer' Activities
GDPR Enforced: Marketers See Consumer Data As Biggest Challenge
Almost Half Of All Firms Not Ready For GDPR: Study
How Can The 'LA Times' And So Many Smart People Get GDPR This Wrong?
Microsoft's Nadella: 'Privacy Is A Human Right'
The 2018 Online Consumer Behavior Study
The Retail Firmament: Email And The Customer Experience
U.S. News Sites Down In Europe In Wake Of GDPR: Report
20 Email Subject Line Templates To Help You Stand Out In The Inbox
Privacy Emails Are Causing Consent Fatigue: Wired
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 24, 2018
Excel Outranks Email As B2B Tracking Tool: Study
A Primer On Autoresponder Email Campaigns
Caesars Entertainment Drives Opens And Clicks Using Persado
The New Ideas In Gmail's Redesign
Loophole In Google's Verification Process For Rehab Category Concerns Marketers
Poll Shows Democratic Voter Support For Net Neutrality
How Are Moms Preparing For The Holiday?
Companies Urged To Extend GDPR Privacy Standards To U.S.
Exclusive Offers Make The Sale
Day Of Reckoning: GDPR Is Here, And It's Bigger Than Beyonce
Five Email Marketing Tools Reviewed
How Email Drives Content Marketing And SEO
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Microsoft Extends GDPR Observance Worldwide
What's Behind All Those GDPR Privacy Notices
Sales Reps Say They Spend Too Much Time On Email
How Email Marketers Can Comply With GDPR: Nine Tips
Sportsman's Warehouse Scores With Back-In-Stock Email Alerts
Memorial Day Opportunities Link Search With DOOH And Mobile
Brussels Group Offers GDPR Compliance Certification
Advice On Email For Travel Marketers
Senators Want FCC To Probe Fake Net Neutrality Comments
Lead Magnets Can Pull In Email Subscribers
Zuckerberg Fails To Impress EU Politicians With 'Stock Answers'
Study Finds: Nigerian Princes Really Are From Nigeria
UK Firms Handed Record Privacy Fines In 2017
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Adobe To Acquire Magento For $1.68 Billion
Promotional Pitfalls: What To Do And Not Do In Email
Valimail Draws $25 Million In Series B Funding
Braze Opens Office In Singapore To Serve Messaging Clients
UK's ICO Fines University For Data Breach
How Brands Are Improving Their Email Marketing
New Trends In Email Marketing
Like Twitter, Gmail Now Lets Users Mention People
This Is The Year Of Influencer Marketing
Frontier Users Upset Over Tuesday Internet Outage
Heat Up Cold Mail
Post GDPR, Targeting Will Shift From Consent To Context
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, May 21, 2018
TeenSafe App Leaks Email Addresses, Other Data
Two Email Platforms Disagree Over GDPR: Report
SMBs Lag In GDPR Knowledge, But Large Firms Are Ready: UK Study
How the GDPR Will Affect Digital Marketing
V12 Data Expands Its Email Address Append Database
Email Is The Next Great Publishing Platform
Five Ways To Send Great Emails
Govt Pretends EU's GDPR Is A UK Ploy To Tame US Tech Firms
Australian Retailers Lag In Email Marketing: Study
It's Settled: Here's The Best Case For Blockchain In Digital Media Buying
Salesforce Taps CRM Trends To Fuel Growth: Report
The Mood of the Global Affluent
Blockchain Firm Closes Its Doors In Face Of GDPR
British Firms Hit With Growing Email Fraud Attacks: Study
Cranking Out The Newsletter: 14 Ways To Streamline The Process
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, May 18, 2018
Three Errors Made By Seasonal Email Marketers
Seven Days In May: That's All There Is Before GDPR Takes Effect
Jim Sturm To Head Yes Lifecycle Marketing
Retrospect Offers Enhanced GDPR Compliance Tool
Health Firms Vulnerable To Spoofing Attacks: Study
What Shoppers Find 'Creepy' About Personalized Ads
Is The New Gmail Really Slow?
How To Use Gmail's Confidential Mode
Starbucks Appoints Havas Helia For EMEA Customer Engagement
Senate Votes To Reinstate Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 17, 2018
Shoddy Email Ethics Hurt The Political Campaign Industry
Lloyd's Set For A Windfall From GDPR
Email Still Ascendant After Almost 50 Years
The Flaws In Cloud-Based Email Services
How To Use Gmail's New Offline Feature
Four Ways To Improve your Opt-In Forms
Tactics For Doubling The Size Of Your Email List
Will EFAIL Derail Email? No Worries
Top Law Firms Are Failing At Email Authentication
Email Hiring Is On The Upswing: Report
Email Lures Back Abandoned Cart Shoppers: Study
Google Delays Silencing Video Ads In Chrome
Bing Bans Cryptocurrency Ads
Trump Administration Cuts Key Cyber Policy Position
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