Email Marketing Daily Editions for June 2023
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, June 30, 2023
AI Faceoff: Robotic Slogans Work Better Than Some Written By Copywriters
Email Validation Tool Available On Salesforce App Exchange
Salesforce To Pump $4 Billion Into Its U.K. Business
FTC Proposes Outlawing Fake Reviews
Buyer's Remorse Is Felt Most With 'Gifts For Myself'
FTC Updates Guidance For Influencer Marketing
We're Going About Innovation All Wrong
Google Pulls Back Red Icon Change On Android
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 29, 2023
Texting Tide: Study That Highlights SMS May Be Unfair To Email
Deloitte Digital And Salesforce Team Up On AI For CRM
Salesforce Debuts Generative AI Tools To Help Sales Teams
Twilio And Frame AI Partner To Drive Customer Engagement
Google Disputes Report It Violates Its TrueView Ad Placement Standards 80% Of The Time
Brand Messaging On Sustainability Has Biggest Effect On Younger Consumers
Necessary Tech Tools For B2B Marketers
OpenAI Hit With New Lawsuits Over Privacy, Copyright
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 28, 2023
They Need Data: B2B Firms Bothered By Lack Of Information And Analytics
Inbox Monster Debuts Email Compliance, Tracking Tool
Validity Hires Jeff Lundal As Chief Revenue Officer
Google Disputes Report It Violates Its TrueView Ad Placement Standards 80% Of The Time
Google Study Finds 75% Of Consumers Are 'A Little Upset' When Having Buyers' Remorse
Kochava Fights To Keep FTC Privacy Complaint Hidden From Public
Meta-Verified Subscription Offering Will Expand Globally In Coming Months
New Gmail Feature Allows Spreadsheet Data Capture And Email Sends
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 27, 2023
Marketing Mood: CMOs Are Upbeat, But Cautious About Spending
Microsoft Outlook Delivery Impaired For 365 Users
Braze Debuts New Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Capabilities
Klaviyo Debuts Klaviyo Reviews For Shopify Merchants
SCOTUS Leaves In Place Google Victory In Battle Over Scraped Lyrics
Study: Digital Marketing Works Better
Publishers Clearing House To Settle FTC 'Dark Patterns' Charges For $18.5M
What Customers Want: It May Be Time To Rethink Your B2B Website
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, June 26, 2023
The Cost Of Catching Customers: What It Takes To Realize Acquisition ROI
Databricks To Acquire AI Platform MosaicML For $1.3 Billion
Most Marketers Say Their Tech Stacks Are Out Of Sync, Study Finds
Oregon Lawmakers Pass Opt-Out Privacy Bill
Meta Launches 'Quest+' VR Subscription Service
Ad Group Criticizes FTC's Proposed 'Click To Cancel' Rules
Gmail's Dynamic Color Could Cause Problems For Some Android Users
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, June 23, 2023
To Give And Receive: Consumers Worldwide Will Share Email, Other Details With Brands
AI Rift: Consumers Are Less Likely Than Brands To Expect A Positive Impact: Study
Ironscales Offers Gen AI-Based Email Security Tool
AI Is The Top Spending Priority For Almost Half Of Technology Officers: Study
Broadband Service Requires FCC Oversight, Nominee Tells Senate
Microsoft Will Update Its Outlook Windows App
Post From The Future: AI Comes To Cannes
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 22, 2023
Flatlining: Consumers Are Spending Less Or The Same In Q2 As They Did In Q1
AtData Offers Machine Learning-Based Email Validation Tool
Firms Partner To Help Brands Send And Track Emails Without Leaving Salesforce
Dave Marks Assumes New Technology Role At Recurrent
Ad-Tech Company Criteo Fined $44 Million In EU Over Privacy
Google Makes Friends With Apple iPhone In Global Campaign
U.S. Ad Index Expands For First Time In 11 Months In May
Gmail Launches Dynamic Color For Icon In Android
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 21, 2023
The AI In Yahoo: CEO Jim Lanzone Says Firm Is Leaning In
Databricks Adds Twilio, Dell And Others To Its Data-Sharing Ecosystem
Piracy Subscription Purchases Often Lead To Additional Fraud: Study
Salesloft Offers AI Tool For Alerting Sellers To Priority Actions
Bipartisan Bill Would Establish Commission To Explore AI Regulation
Amazon Used 'Dark Patterns' To Dupe Prime Subscribers, FTC Charges
How ChatGPT Factored Human Judgment Into Algorithms
Marketers Say: We're Paying Too Much For Email
Analysis Compares Results To Find The Best Generative AI Model
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 20, 2023
The Irate Customer: People Are Unhappy With The Service They're Getting
Gen AI Writing Capability Offered To Nonprofits
IBM Leverages Adobe Services To Help Brands Build Content Supply-Chain Ecosystem
Firm Offers AI Tool For Helping Research Teams Understand Data
Watchdog Seeks Ban On 'Harmful' Uses Of AI
Americans Don't Measure 'Wealth' In Dollars, Gen Z Delays Financial Planning
Tech Firm Sumo Logic Lays Off 79 Workers
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, June 19, 2023
Microsoft Hacked: Outlook Brought Down By Threat Actor Early In June
Gen Z Demands Marketing That Reflects Diversity And Inclusion: Study
Tech Purchases Are Taking More Time And Involving More People, Study Finds
The Basement Hires Kevin Siminski To Run Its Martech Consultancy
Data Caps Could Face New FCC Scrutiny
Shopping Trends Report Shows Change In Spending Behavior In 2023
Senators Reintroduce Antitrust Bill Aimed At Big Tech
Keeping Law Firm Emails Out Of The Spam Box
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