• AAA Study Says Siri Drives Us To Distraction
    The gist of a report from the American Automobile Association on the growing use of devices that allow drivers barreling down the interstate to use voice commands to do everything from turn up the AC to draft the Great American Business Memo?
  • Google Finds A Waze To Drive Local Ads
    Google is shelling out $1.1 billion for the traffic app Waze to tap into its crowd-sourced ability to "outsmart traffic together" and identify speed traps on Highway 101, right? Well, yeah. After all, Brian McClendon, Google's VP Geo, says so in his blog post about the acquisition.
  • Booz Allen Mounts A Defense
    Edward Snowden, who has identified himself as the source of leaked information about classified U.S. government surveillance programs, was an employee of Booz Allen Hamilton for less than three months after having served as an undercover employee with the CIA and as an employee of various outside contractors working for the National Security Agency for four years.
  • Apple WWDC Gets Mixed Advance Reviews
    Apple's World Wide Developers' Conference kicks off in San Francisco today amid some buzz that the company is losing its buzz along with its stock value (20% since last year's get-together).
  • Kid Rock: Ex-Rapper Wrapped In A Business Plan
    We learned that there's more to Kid Rock than meets the ear from Kelefa Sanneh's fascinating "Badass American" profile of the "genre-jumping" musician "who got his start in hip-hop, went platinum with rap-rock, and then transitioned into country music" in the New Yorker last November. The Wall Street Journal this morning tells us that Rock's got a "plan to change the economics of touring." John Jurgensen talks to the straight shooter about his deal with Live Nation Entertainment to price tickets for his tour this summer at $20 for almost all seats (there are 1,000 "platinum" tickets per concert for …
  • 'And They're Off' At P&G
    You would think that when Procter & Gamble reorganizes its business worldwide into four industry-based groups, it has a raison d'etre more substantive than the one that just about everybody is reading into it: the sportive spectacle of who will succeed CEO A.G. Lafley, who just a couple of weeks ago succeeded Bob McDonald, the man who had succeeded him in the position.
  • Coming To An Amazon Near You: Sponge Cake And SpongeBob
    The behemoth that began as an ambitious online bookstore in the Pacific Northwest 19 years ago is planning a major expansion of its AmazonFresh grocery business in coming months and, if all goes well, the service could be in 20 cities in the U.S. and abroad by 2014, according to sources not authorized to speak publicly about the plans who nevertheless have spilled the beans to Reuters' Alistair Barr.
  • Headwinds, Tailwinds for GMO Labeling
    The winds on the Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) front are blowing every which way but static, as seed and pesticide producers and most food marketers and retailers in the U.S. -- but not all -- stamp at brush fires in every direction.
  • The Tank May Be Half Empty But Gas Was Cheaper
    Consumer spending -- known in government parlance as Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) -- fell 0.2% in April, which is the weakest performance since May 2012 and, some observers say, a harbinger of a stall in the economic recovery.
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