• Ewanick Talks About His Ouster From GM
    We can add another notch to the "Joel Ewanick Disaster Timeline" that Business Insider put together in July 2012 after General Motors "ousted" its short-tenured global marketing chief over what was reported to be an internal flap involving his "failing to properly vet the financial details," as the "Wall Street Journal" put it, of a sponsorship deal with Manchester United.
  • Gummi Bear Marketing Magnate Hans Riegel, 90
    Hans Riegel, who with his brother transformed a company founded at their father's kitchen sink in Germany in 1920 into a global brand after World War II, is being remembered today as a marketing genius who made Haribo's principal product - Gummi Bears - a warm-and-chewy global treat for kids and the adults who pay their dental bills. He died in Bonn at 90 yesterday from heart failure while recovering from an operation that removed a benign brain tumor.
  • Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts To Head Apple Sales
    Angela Ahrendts, an American who is has been widely hailed for her savvy and suave reversal of brand erosion and fortune at the British luxury fashion brand Burberry, is taking the new position of SVP of retail and online sales at Apple and will be reporting to CEO Tim Cook starting next spring.
  • Fast Food Critics Can't Keep Up
    Things sure do move fast in the junk food ... er, Quick Service and Fast Casual restaurant biz. Adweek's video columnist, Lauren Reeves, who launched her new "Mad Woman" series last month with an expos of lingerie PSAs, can hardly keep up with the developments, in fact. Just as this week's episode surveys "the superinformative ads all the fast food companies are making" about their "many super healthy menu options," there's news breaking left and right.
  • Throw-It-Up-Against-The-Wall Video Lifts 'Carrie'
    "A Telekinetic Surprise in a Coffee Shop" is hardly the most titillating title for a video but Sony Picture's 2:23 YouTube promotion for the forthcoming remake of "Carrie" has garnered nearly 15 million views since its release on Monday.
  • Authentic Looks To Put The Juice Back In Juicy
    Juicy Couture, whose colorful velour tracksuits with JUICY across the posterior enjoyed celebrity status once upon a time a few fashion cycles ago, was sold for $195 million yesterday to Authentic Brands Group by Fifth & Pacific, which had acquired the Juicy label in 2003 and "sent it sailing with ritzy retail shops and fancy advertisements in glossy fashion magazines," as Deborah Belgum reports in Apparel News.
  • 'Gravity' Launches With October Box-Office Record
    Defying recent trends that have pulled both high-budget blockbuster movies and 3-D offerings back to earth, Alfonso Cuaron's nail-biting space adventure with just two actors - Sandra Bullock and George Clooney - had a flawless launch over the weekend and seems poised to remain in orbit for some time.
  • Video Puts Tesla In PR Hot Seat
    Elon Musk is facing a Steve Jobs moment in the wake of a literal product meltdown that resulted in headlines yesterday such as this in USA Today: "Tesla stock burned by car fire video, downgrade."
  • KFC's Go Cups Target 83% Of Automobiles
    Catering to our anti-Zen taste for mindless eating, KFC has launched Go Cup, a plastic container that holds five varieties of munchable delectables and will purportedly fit snugly within 83% of the cup holders nested in the American Consumer's automobile.
  • Hardee's Hopes To Retake The Northeast By Storm
    As its better-known rivals tout reduced-fat french fries and Happy Meals with milk in an effort to woo today's health-conscious consumers, the home of the 1,300-calorie, 2/3-pound Monster Burger is doing it the old-fashioned way. Hardee's plans to open about 200 new restaurants in the Northeast over the next five years, starting in New York and New Jersey and then expanding into Connecticut and Massachusetts.
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