• Sony Cites Bad Reception In Mobile For Projected $2.1 Billion Loss
    Primarily blaming the "competitive environment" in the mobile phone business, Sony this morning said it may lose upwards of $2 billion this year - five times more than it anticipated just a couple of months ago. It also will pay no dividend for the first time since the company went public in 1958.
  • Game On: Microsoft Buys Minecraft Looking To Build Windows Mobile
    Microsoft has agreed to pay $2.5 billion for the Swedish game-development company Mojang and its "iconic Minecraft franchise" although its three founders - creator Markus Persson, CEO Carl Manneh and game designer Jakob Porser - are leaving to pursue other opportunities.
  • Heineken Says 'Nee' To SABMiller
    Heineken really knows how to spurn a suitor, telling the world in a statement yesterday that SABMiller's advances to acquire it recently were "nonactionable." It went on to state, "the Heineken family has informed SABMiller ... of its intention to preserve the heritage and identity of Heineken as an independent company" and said it "does not intend to make any further public statements in relation to this announcement."
  • NFL Scrambles As Pressure Mounts
    As disenchanted fans and committed critics alike excoriate the National Football League on social media, and media outlets continue to probe what its officials knew when about the elevator tapes of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice slugging his then-fiancee in an elevator, the enterprise's billion-dollar question is what will the advertisers do.
  • Brunch At McDonald's? Maybe Later
    What will be next? McMidnight Craving?
  • Cook Is In The Kitchen As Apple Puts On Its Show
    As expected, Apple showed off two new iPhones yesterday with decidedly larger screens, enticed the audience at Cupertino's Flint Center for the Performing Arts with a preview of three smartwatches that will be available next year, and had a reveal or two up its sleeve.
  • Turning Off Consumer Market, GE Sells Appliances To Electrolux
    Very few of the good things that General Electric has brought to life for more than a century will be for everyday consumers any more if yesterday's deal to sell off its appliance business to Sweden's Electrolux for $3.3 billion passes regulatory oversight, as is expected, and closes next year.
  • Apple Thinks It Has Just What The Doctor Ordered
    Whether it's a main feature of Apple's press event tomorrow or an off-the-cuff glance at work in progress that most reports say won't ship until next year, a wrist device that does a lot more than track time is poised to become the next-generation market disruptor from Cupertino.
  • Lego Gets A Hollywood Ending For Its Half-Year Sales
    Thanks to savvy product tie-ins with the hit computer-animated movie, "Everything Is Awesome" at Team Lego, which yesterday announced $2.03 billion in revenues for the first half of the year - up 11% over 2013 - moving it ahead of Mattel as the world's No. 1 toymaker.
  • Samsung Unveils Two Phablets And A Virtual Reality Headset
    Samsung showed off two new Android-powered phablets and a co-branded Oculus virtual reality headset at simultaneous events in New York City, Beijing and Berlin yesterday, hoping to create a stir in advance of the expected rollout of the iPhone 6 Tuesday, which sources say will have 4.7" and 5.5" diagonal screens, up from 4" on the iPhone5.
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