• JP Morgan Chase Data Breach Report Rouses Crises Communicators
    A cyber break-in at JP Morgan Chase in June that was initially discovered in July was much more extensive than was previously thought, the bank disclosed yesterday, putting not only the bank's but also the IT and financial world's corporate communications departments into defensive mode.
  • Pepsi Launching True, With Both Stevia And Sugar, On Amazon.com
    The Cola Wars have truly become a jungle out there with Pepsi following Coke's lead in initially marketing a soda exclusively on Amazon. Pepsi True, a "mid-calorie" beverage, will compete directly with yet another recently launched Coke beverage, Coca-Cola Life.
  • Docs And Hospitals Got $3.5 Billion From Big Pharma In 5 Months
    A government tabulation released for the first time yesterday shows that drug companies paid $3.5 billion to doctors and teaching hospitals for five months last year in research, consulting, speaking fees and the like - a practice that critics charge often amounts to medical payola but the healthcare industry defends as customary and necessary to the development of innovative treatments.
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