• Unilever Takes An Honest Co. Look; Discusses $1 Billion-Plus Bid
    Actress Jessica Alba's Honest Co. is in early talks with Unilever about an acquisition valued at more than $1 billion, the Wall Street Journal reports. The amount is "significantly less than the $1.7 billion valuation that was placed on Honest in a fundraising round last year," its sources say, and Honest may yet opt for an IPO. It is based in Santa Monica, Calif.
  • Scrutiny Sprouts As Bayer Does Deal With Monsanto
    Monsanto yesterday agreed to a $66 billion offer from Bayer in a takeover that the two companies hope will close by the end of 2017. It ended months of wooing but the prenuptial phase promises to be a rocky one, with intense pressure from politicians, farmers, anti-trust regulators and environmentalists who already are not holding their peace.
  • Census Data Show Income Rising 5.2% in 2015; Poverty Rate Drops
    The Census Bureau yesterday released a surprising upbeat, broad-based picture of income and poverty that depicts a robust American middle class finally back on its feet from the jarring tumble of 2007.
  • CEO James Chambers Quits Weight Watchers
    Weight Watcher International CEO James Chambers is leaving the company at the end of the month as its shares drop, competition gains and the "Oprah Effect" flattens out - which is not to say that he didn't have his successes.
  • There's Box Office Gold In Them There Grays
    With 80% of the audience over the age of 35, Clint Eastwood's "Sully" took in $35.5 million in North America over its opening weekend for Warner Bros., exceeding expectations by $10 million and proving once again the power of lingering stars.
  • Wells Fargo Paying Out $185 Million+ For Sales Scams
    Wells Fargo yesterday agreed to pay a total of $185 in fines for scams perpetrated by employees who - "spurred by sales target and incentives" - covertly opened thousands of accounts without customers' consent and transferred money into them from their existing accounts, "often racking up fees and other charges."
  • Super Mario Makes Surprise Appearance At iPhone Event
    Super Mario, the jaunty plumber who was arguably the first videogame superhero, will be coming to an iPhone near you this December.
  • ITT Technical Institute Closing With Blast At Feds' Oversight
    Blaming the U.S. Department of Education for excessive oversight and sanctions, ITT Technical Institute - which had about 40,000 students enrolled on more than 130 campuses in 38 states - yesterday said it was pulling the plug and shutting down.
  • Gearing Up For The Jackless iPhone
    Unless the Apple fan boy network has been steered terribly wrong by supply-chain leaks and peeks at prototypes, Apple's big announcements tomorrow will be its biannual iPhone upgrade, a second-generation Watch and new versions of various operating systems. And what is likely to be the iPhone 7's most radical innovation at the reveal has been a contentious one since word started leaking out about it many months ago.
  • Campbell Finds It's Not Easy Executing Green
    Getting into organic fresh produce seemed like a no-brainer for CEO Diane Morrison and her team at Campbell Soup as shoppers - particularly Millennials - eschewed the middle aisles for healthier fare. But, as Morrison admitted yesterday, you've got to execute.
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