• A Peripatetic Super Mario Bounds Into Apple Stores
    Talk about clickbait for anyone interested in marketing, technology or diversions from reality: "Will Super Mario Run Be a Bigger Hit Than Pokemon Go?" reads the hed on a Bloomberg video report posted last night about the Nintendo app that will be available on iPhone and iPads starting Dec. 15.
  • Senators Listen, Posture On AT&T Time Warner Deal
    A Senate antitrust panel yesterday grilled the CEOs of Time Warner and AT&T about their proposed merger, focusing particularly on the impact a combined entity would have on consumers. It's all good, the chiefs told the pols.
  • Trump Takes On Boeing; Businesses Wonder Who's Next?
    President-elect Donald Trump yesterday tweeted that "costs are out of control" at Boeing for a new Air Force One still in the planning stages and called for canceling the order. He followed up by telling reporters in the lobby of Trump Tower, "I think Boeing is doing a little bit of a number."
  • Uber Hails Geometric Intelligence, Launches AI Labs
    Uber is buying Geometric Intelligence, a 15-person artificial intelligence startup based in New York, and will transport it intact to Silicon Valley, where it will become Uber AI Labs.
  • Apple Drives Home Self-Driving Points With The NHTSA
    The Times of London calls it "the Silicon Valley secret everybody knew about." In a five-page letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration dated Nov. 22 that became public over the weekend, Apple Computer says that it "is investing heavily in the study of machine learning and automation, and is excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation."
  • Johnson Named Starbucks CEO; Schultz To Focus On Roasteries
    Starbucks' founder-in-effect, chairman and chief executive Howard Schultz will hand over the CEO position to COO Kevin Johnson in April to "shift his focus to innovation, design and development of Starbucks Reserve Roasteries around the world, expansion of the Starbucks Reserve retail store format and the company's social impact initiatives," the company announced yesterday.
  • By Any Name, Nestle's Altered Sugar Will Taste As Sweet
    Nestle can alter the structure of sugar so that it will be able to use 40% less of it to achieve the same degree of sweetness in its chocolate, it announced yesterday. It hopes to start using the process, which is patent pending, in the likes of its KitKat and Crunch bars starting in 2018.
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