• The Gap Rips Up Its Plans To Spin Off Old Navy
    "Cost and complexity of splitting into two companies, combined with softer business performance, limited our ability to create appropriate value from separation."
  • Toys And Electronics Drag Down Target's Holiday Season Results
    Some analysts were quick to wonder if the results auger a more widespread malaise in the toys and electronics categories.
  • Amazon Reinstates FedEx Ground Deliveries For Third-Party Sellers
    "The loss of FedEx ground shipping put many third-party Amazon sellers in a bind over the busy holiday period," according to a report.
  • Plaid Charges Visa $5.3B For Its APIs, Analytics
    Plaid is a San Francisco-based startup that lets people link their bank accounts to mobile apps such as Venmo, Acorns and Chime.
  • EQRx Aims To Develop 'Equivalar' Medicines To Drive Down Prices
    "Equivalars" -- not generics, but still able to emulate the biological function of existing drugs -- would be one-third to one-fifth of price tags now.
  • Target Targets Active Wear Market With New 'All In Motion' Line
    All in Motion will have sizes for the teeniest to the heftiest among us, and a marketing campaign company claims "will continue its commitment to no retouching."
  • Bed Bath & Beyond's Tritton Vows Quick Turnaround After Dismal Quarter
    Company reported an adjusted loss of 38 cents a share, wit same-store sales plunging 8.3% compared with the year-ago quarter.
  • Sonos Takes On Google, Claiming It Infringed On Five Patents
    Sonos also claims that Amazon has infringed on its innovations but says it cannot afford to take on both companies in court at once.
  • Pier 1 Mulls Bankruptcy As It Prepares To Shutter Nearly Half Its Outlets
    Comparable sales decreased 11.4% compared to the year before for the Fort Worth, Texas-based chain.
  • Fisker Shows Off Ocean EV SUV, Launching In 2022 For Less Than $30G
    Cheaper than any Tesla currently on the market, Ocean's sustainable details include recycled carpeting, vegan interior and "eco-suede" interior textiles.
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