Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for April 2019
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Buttigieg Brand Heats Up Despite Chilly Response From Right-Wing Websites
It's The Money, Stupid
Democratic Primary Standings: Sanders Biggest Gainer If Biden Doesn't Run, Buttigieg Ascending
The NRA's Ugly Split With Its Ad Agency
ARF Rescinds Cambridge Analytica Award, Says It Acted 'Unethically'
What Cory Booker Knew About Twitter Before Trump
Story Of Roger Ailes In Dueling TV, Movie Projects
Melania Trump Slams Anna Wintour, 'Vogue'
U.S. Government Tops Web Privacy Audit
Ad Industry Slams Texas Privacy Proposal
Duck Duck Go, Brave, Other Companies Want To Beef Up California Privacy Law
Maryland Seeks To Reinstate Law Requiring Online Newspapers To Disclose Political Ads
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Future Of Fox News May Be D2C, 'Nation' Exceeds Expectations
Republicans Drive Erosion Of News Media 'Credibility'
Remembering 'George' Publisher JFK Jr. On 20th Anniversary Of His Death
Herman Cain Email List Used For Money-Making Offer: Report
YouTube Disables Comments On Congressional Livestream
Patagonia's Next-Level Purpose? Taking Aim At B2B Bros
Political Advertising's Bigger Concern: Truth Of Video Or Images?
Pew Finds Social Media Use Among Adults Essentially Unchanged: Benchmarks Reddit, WhatsApp Too
FTC Urged To Scrutinize Google, Facebook, Other Platforms
U.S. Proposes $11B In Tariffs On Cheese, Wine, Etc. Over Airbus
'The Nation,' 'The New Republic' Name New Top Editors
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, April 3, 2019
'Boot Edge Edge, Boot Edge Edge'
Uber, Nielsen And Others Urge Supreme Court To Nix Citizenship Question
Google Blocks Ads In China From Serving On Sites Bypassing Censorship
FTC Unable To Enforce Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules
'Politico' Invests $10M In Business, Launches New 'Politico Pro' User Experience
Zuck To Regulators -- 'I Agree.... Your Turn'
Proposed Change To California Privacy Law Would Encourage 'Frivolous' Suits, Ad Groups Argue
Knight Foundation Makes $6 Million Investment In 3 Organizations
ARF Creates 'Code Of Conduct' For Consumer Researchers, Utilizes Seal Of Approval For Compliance
YouTube Defeats Lawsuit Over Children's Privacy
WhatsApp India Lets Users Fact Check Content
Facebook CEO Favors Global Regulations To Contain Harmful Content