MediaDailyNews Editions for July 2018
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Netflix Subscribers Don't Hit Q2 Expectation, Stock Sinks
Netlix Reports Tepid Sub Growth, Analyst Upgrades It to 'Outperform'
Netflix Nearly Doubles Marketing Spend Year Over Year
FCC Has 'Serious Concerns' Over The Sinclair-Tribune Merger
CNN Reorganizes Business Coverage Under New Site
'Washington Post' Launches Twitch TV Channel
Video Games Rival TV As 'Default' Millennial Entertainment
Streaming Video Takes Over The Emmys
Is Pinterest The Search Engine Of The Future?
Did Papa John's Former Ad Agency Try To Blackmail The Pizza Chain?
MediaDailyNews - Monday, July 16, 2018
Analyst To Investors: 'Significant Strategic Activity Afoot' On Madison Ave.
Ad-Marketing M&A Valuation Soars In First Half
Zenith: Consumers Spend 67 Minutes Watching Online Video Daily
Democracy Lives In The Twitchsphere: WaPo Launches Channel Aimed At Gamers
Emmy Nominations Are A Reflection Of Where TV Is Now
Clinch Launches Solution To Create Personalized Ads For Instagram Stories
Netflix Hits Milestone - Most Emmy Nominations
Digital's Ad Expansion: The Long And Short Of It
Justice Department Appeals AT&T Merger Approval
FTC Urged To Stop Facebook From Sharing Data With Researchers
Google Starts To Give Marketers More Access To Data
Shorter TV Spots Rising On Linear TV
MediaDailyNews - Friday, July 13, 2018
World Cup Expects Lower Unit Pricing, Fox Earns Higher Revenues Overall
Ad Industry Gears Up To Fight For Changes To California Privacy Law
Global Programmatic Media Moves More In-House
Analyst: AT&T Win Over DOJ Could Impact Future Media Mergers
NPR, ESPN, IHeartRadio On Board For IAB Podcast Upfront
Publicis Groupe Fine-Tunes Its Global Organization Chart
Can Personalization Get Beyond 'Creepy'?
Google Pushes Automation, Wants Search Marketers To Commit
TV Advertising's Future Will Focus On What We Actually DO With Data
NBC News Launches Media Blog, 'The Query'
The Rising Importance Of Brand Values
The Freemium Model: A Death Knell For Brands?
'GMA' Bikini Parade Showed Other Side Of Swimsuit Pageant Debate
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, July 12, 2018
Omnicom Unveils People-Based Marketing Platform
One In Five Internet Users Still Block Ads All the Time, Study Finds
eSports Expanding Rapidly, Poised To Rival Pro Sports' 'Big 4'
Disney Inks Overwatch League Deal Amid eSports Push
Agency Vet Launches First Multicultural Podcast Network
GeoEdge Builds Real-Time Technology To Block Malware, Offensive Ads
Fox Ups Bid For Sky, Comcast Makes Counterbid
Data Is Everywhere -- But For Sponsorship, It Isn't Enough Adds Location-Based TV To Platform For Ad Targeting
McClatchy, BuzzFeed Will Debut Facebook Video Series
Verify: ANA Has A New Contract Template For Agencies
Facebook Fined By UK For Cambridge Analytica Scandal
Sacha Cohen Reaps Publicity From Bamboozling Sarah Palin
IoT Cybersecurity Spending Projected To Hit $6 Billion
A Call To Arms In Data
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, July 11, 2018
MRC Updates Ad Verification Guidelines
Tribune Stations Strike 'Always-Open' Programmatic Deal With WideOrbit
Google's Algorithms Learn To Automate All Parts Of Advertising Across Its Services
Sinclair Looking To Create A STIRR
Consumers: My Data Is My Property, I Should Be Able To Trade It With Brands
Facebook Adds AR To Ad Offerings
Cause & Effect: #BlackLivesMatter, 5 Years Later
Sponsorship Accountability Needs Improvement, But FIFA World Cup Sponsorships Dominate
Google Announces A Measurement Partners Program To Strengthen Metrics
Omnicom Offloads Sellbytel Group
Branded Cities Acquires Major Portion Of Red Star Billboards
OTT Streaming Startup Philo Raises Another $40M
Performance Horizon Rebrands To Partnerize, Focuses On Partnerships
Rising Importance Of Brand Values
Industry Execs: AI = Next Industrial Revolution, I May Lose My Job
Broadcasters Still Score With Digital Pre-Roll Ads
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Omnicom Agencies Expand Strategic Teams
Media M&A Forecast To Hit Well Over $140 Billion
Twitter's Stock Drops, Account Suspensions Blamed
World Cup Grabs $250M In TV Revenues For U.S. Networks, But Viewing Is Down
Sorrell's S4 Wins Bidding War For MediaMonks
Disconnect Between Consumers And Digital Ads Widens, 43% Now Negative
YouTube Rolls Out Plan To Fight Misinformation When News Breaks
'Washington Post' Introduces Ad Insertion Tool, Aids Podcast Ad Buys
Apple, Alphabet CEOs Questioned By Congress About Tracking Data
Univision Explores Sale Of Fusion Media, Which Houses Gizmodo Group
Watch Out Netflix, Here Comes HBO
Turner Taps Poole For GM Of 'BR/Live' Streaming Service
Streaming Audio Helping Offset Album Sales Declines
Reporter's Notebook: How Data Management Has Changed
Smart Speaker Installed Base Projected To Hit 100 Million This Year
MediaDailyNews - Monday, July 9, 2018
Video Streaming Marketers Prove Big 2018 TV Spenders
Real Scarce For Marketers: Time
In Media We Trust, All Others Play Catch-Up
In What Do We Trust?
Fox News Devotes '$15.2 Million' To Trump Rally Coverage Since April 28
Trump-Pence Campaign Seeks Money To Support 'Unhinged' Ad Paid For By RNC
U.S. Leads In Data Buys For Back-To-School Campaigns
'Wired' Launches OTT Channel With 4 Sponsors
Customer Experience 'Stagnates,' Differentiation 'Evaporates'
Teens Embrace Activism, Cause Marketing
Think Smart: How Advertisers Can Combat Information Overload With More Data
Bollore Group's Big New Partnership With Alibaba
Moviepass Rolls Out Surge Pricing For Popular Movies And Times
MediaDailyNews - Friday, July 6, 2018
Trump Names Ousted Fox News Chief Shine Head Of White House Communications Team
No U.S. Presence, But Advertisers Engage With World Cup Fans
Macy's Delivers Firework Ratings For NBC, A Six-Year High
Study: AM/FM Radio Could Attract Light TV Viewers
California Lawmakers Revamp Proposed Net Neutrality Law
Netflix Testing Higher Pricing For Extra-Premium Plans
Mobile's Killer App: Killing Time
OTT Tops Traditional TV In Customer Experience
Voice Assistants Extending Into Businesses
It Looks Like Sorrell's S4 Capital And WPP Are Competitive After All
The Lion Jumped The Shark
Google My Business Insights Report Quietly Adds Keyword Data
Millennials Favor Netflix, OTT, Not Demo-Targeted Services
The Trade War Is On: China Retaliates With Tariffs On U.S. Imports
Exposure To Public Health Ads Online Promotes Better Long-Term Health, Fitness: Study
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, July 5, 2018
Dentsu Most Acquisitive Holding Co. During First Half
Why Aren't 'Cable-Keepers' Cutting The Cord?
Fox News Still Tops In Cable Viewing, MSNBC Rises
Vizio Reaches 'Potential Settlement' Of Privacy Class-Action
More Price Hikes For Digital Pay TV
California Privacy Bill's Ambiguity Will Shake Up Search
Does AT&T Prove Telcos Are Sleeping Giants Of Mobile Marketing?
Mobile Social Set To Overtake Mobile Search In Ad Revenue
Does Reach Mean Anything? Or Is It Just A Vanity Metric?
WPP And Sorrell Lock Horns In Bidding For Dutch Agency
Sorrell Plans A Billion-Pound Spending Spree
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, July 3, 2018
It's A Deal: IPG To Acquire Acxiom Marketing Solutions
IAB Creates Branded Content Studio Directory To Aid Media Buyers
California's New Privacy Bill Raises Questions For Ad Industry
Google Stops Accepting Political Ads In Maryland
Dear Cable TV, You're Fired! Says Consumer Reports
AT&T Raises Prices For DirecTV Now
What's Next For Legacy Media Consolidation?
Facebook Admits To Privacy Problem For Messenger
Millennials Prefer TV Viewing To Digital Media
'Rolling Stone' To Publish Monthly, Expand Events Business
Apple Poised To Embrace The Bundle
Newspapers Tell Brands -- Not All Media Is Created Equal
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