• Free Shrooms For Everyone...If 'Flappy Bird' Flies Back
    Because the young Vietnamese developer of "Flappy Bird" isn't under enough pressure, Houlihan's is luring people into signing a petition to reinstate the discontinued game. They will give a free shroom appetizer to patrons if the game comes back online.
  • Oopsy: Facebook Kicks HasOffers and Kontagent From Mobile Marketing Partnership Over Data Policy
    Claiming violations of its partnership agreement involving data handling and retention, Facebook excluded HasOffers and Kontagent from its Mobile Marketing Partners program that provides developers with app install and ad attribution data.
  • Chromecast Developers To Get More Seamless Video Ads Via Brightcove
    Brightcove has introduced a cloud-based approach to serving video ads into Chromecast-enabled apps. The company says it addresses a key problem with the Google device and makes ad spots more seamless and TV-like.
  • No Instagram Or Vine Vids For Olympians
    Social media has raised a whole new set of issues for the Olympics. The IOC has issued extensive guidelines for participants, sponsors and journalists about what formats are allowed and more.
  • The Mobile Bowl...Or, The Last Super Bowl Post I Am Writing...No, Really This Time
    It was not wishful thinking on our part. Mobile really was a big part of Super Bowl viewing -- even a constant companion for a key part of the audience. Interestingly, this was less true for the audiences most invested in the game.
  • RetailMeNot Shopping App Posts Huge Gains, Claims 6X ROI for Retailers
    One of the leading shopping/coupon apps gives us a peek into its growth and Forrester models of the ROI that retailers may see from partnering with third parties.
  • Teen Selfie-Trading Network Targets Facebook Flight
    Positioning itself as a haven for Facebook-fleeing teens in search of the new cool, Swapmees turns selfies into trading cards for a game that helps teens meet one another. It is a wild mashup of just about every mobile trend.
  • Lean-Back Mobile: Smartphone Video Viewing Rockets 86%
    Let's finally admit it: we never liked viewing video on a desktop PC. Devices finally let us lean in and lean back at will -- and allow the video experience to adapt to our needs rather than us adapt to video playback needs.
  • Chromecast Development Opens To All: Let The Tossing (And Advertising) Begin
    After a long wait, developers finally get their hands on the SDK that connects their apps to the Google Chromecast device. We are bound to see some interesting new content models tested, but we may also see app add inventory extend onto the TV screen.
  • Super Bowl Goes Meta: Now We're Just Making Fun Of Ourselves
    Ads making fun of other ads dominated the second screen this year. The Super Bowl has become such a self-conscious affair that only Bob Dylan's epic sellout and Bruno Mars' earnest, raw talent could move me.
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