• Oops! Students Getting Annoyed With Mobile Ads, Take It Out On Brands
    As smartphone use among college students reaches full penetration, the kids are getting a bit ticked by all the damn ads. Or at least they say...until a few freebies get dangled. Yeah, they are more wired than we were, but they are still college students.
  • Internet Of Things To Be All Around Us In 2025
    The Pew Research Center weighs in today with a new report on the topic, predicting that the Internet of Things will be a reality by 2025, with the proliferation of tech screens, wearable devices, connected appliance and environments full of sensors and cameras. While bringing benefits, especially for health and productivity, the data-saturated world envisioned also raise significant concerns about privacy and people's ability to control their own lives.
  • Health Sites Tackling Mobile Migration
    A recent Millennial Media study on cross-platform consumer habits indicated that people now split their time about evenly between the PC and mobile alternatives. The mobile migration in the health category was underscored in the Q1 results reported Monday by Everyday Health, a digital health company that has seen its apps downloaded 15 million times. Similarly, rival health site WebMD said during its Q1 earnings call a couple of weeks ago that traffic growth is being driven by increased use of its mobile offerings.
  • Go Figure: Ads in Messaging App Tango Actually Help Engagement
    P2P messaging used to be an ad ghetto online, where CPMs and CTRs were rock bottom. The rising tide of messaging apps may show just the opposite is true. Branded content may give chatty users something to talk about.
  • Yahoo Mobile Revenue Doubles...To Nothing
    In its quarterly report filed with the SEC Thursday, Yahoo stated that its Q1 mobile sales had doubled from a year ago, but were still not material to total revenue. But the fact that mobile (search and display) revenue doubled and still didn't amount to anything worth reporting underscores just how far Yahoo has to go in ramping up its mobile ad business.
  • Post-Search Era? Facebook Is Owning Mobile Content Referrals
    In the news and entertainment categories, Facebook is well ahead of all other sources in referrals on mobile. The app ecosystem, the modes and moods of mobile use, all tend to undermine -- or at least verticalize -- traditional search.
  • Time On Retail Sites Mostly From Smartphones, Tablets
    More than two-thirds of U.S. digital users now spread their attention across PCs, mobile phones and tablets -- at 70%, up from 63% a year ago. That's according to a new report from comScore and Millennial Media, which indicates that 141 million American adults make up the cross-platform population.
  • MMA Names Dunkin' Brands Costello As Chair
    The Mobile Marketing Association wants to put the emphasis back on the middle part of its name with the appointment of its new global chairman John Costello, president of global marketing and innovation at Dunkin' Brands.
  • Vine Brings Its Grassroots Nano-Theater Portal Online
    If there is an aesthetic to Vine's comedy it lies in the gesture, the quick exchanges, the double-take and the glance. In many ways it is an animated version of the one-panel comic strip.
  • Foursquare Killing Check-In To Save Itself
    Foursquare is ditching the check-in. About time. The company on Thursday announced launching a new app called Swarm for finding friends nearby, while the core Foursquare app would focus on providing recommendations.
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